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\'dear evan hansen,\' \'hello, dolly!\' and \'oslo\' are big winners at 2017 tony awards

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
\"Dear Evan Hansen\" is the big winner of 2017 Tony Award, live on Sunday at the Radio City Music Hall in New York for best music and best actor award, as well as the nomination of actresses by Ben Pratt and Rachel Bay Jones.
Dear Evan Hansen got six out of nine nominations, including the best musical. \"Hello, Dolly!
Of the 10 locations including best revival, 4 were captured.
In August, Wilson\'s Kitney won the Best Revival of a play.
James Earl Jones got special Tony for life at the theater.
\"So it\'s a big deal, right?
He said he thanked his father for opening the door for his world and work.
The stars filled the stage from beginning to end.
The audience at the opening ceremony included UBI Goldberg and Billy Christo, but it was Kevin spicy who won the audience.
Spacey used his singing skills to spoof him as not the first choice for Tony to host, and he sang: \"I know they like James Coden, but I\'m here to play.
Stephen Colbert cheered spicey.
\"Never give up hope,\" he said to spicy, continuing to call Tony Horst, \"It\'s really an American beauty.
Spacey walked into the heart of the crowd with a tap dance, ending the opening number.
Scarlett Johansson is about to announce the famous actor at a theater award.
Michael Aronov\'s role in Oslo, not the fan\'s favorite and first --
Tony nominated Danny DeVito
DeVito, 72, made his debut on Broadway in price.
Broadway veteran actress Cynthia Nixon won her second Tony Award for her role in Lily Herman\'s little fox.
Nixon thanked Laura Linney and the other actors before gaining political status.
\"80 years ago (Hellman)
In an interview, Nixon said: \"Someone eats the Earth, eats all the people on the Earth, and others just stand by and watch them do it,\" \"My Love, 2017, I express my gratitude and eternal respect to all who refuse to stand and watch them do it. Thank you.
Legend of John and Cynthia elivo announced the work done by best achievement winner Beni Pasek and Justin Paul for Dear Evan Hansen.
\"If their name sounds familiar, it\'s because they recently won an Oscar for their work in land of Los Angeles. \"First-
Tony nominated Ben Pratt for his role in \"Dear Evan Hansen\" to win the musical best actor award. \" ”Holy crap! This is a Tony! Hello! Surprised by 23-year-
Thanks to his actors, parents and therapists.
\"What makes you feel strange is something that makes you strong,\" Pratt concluded his speech with thunderous applause.
Bette Midler won the best actress in the musical for playing Dolly Gallagher Levi in Hello Dolly!
She gave an incredibly long acceptance speech, thanking everyone, including \"All Tony voters, I actually dated many of them.
Her speech was eventually interrupted by music, but a determined midfielder jokingly shouted, \"get the crap off!
\"Here\'s the complete list of Tony winners: Best Drama best music Dear Evan Hansen Presse\'s drama best revival Wilson\'s music Best Revival Hello Dolly!
The actor\'s best performance in the play\'s protagonist Kevin Crane, the actor\'s best performance in the doll house\'s protagonist Laurie Metcalfe, the second part of the best performance is performed by an actor in the lead role of music Ben Pratt for Dear Evan Hansen, played by an actor in Hello Dolly!
Actor\'s best performance in the play Michael Aronov performed an actor\'s best performance in the play for OsloBEST Cynthia Nixon\'s Hello for Lilian Hailman\'s little fox best performance selection role MUSICALGavin wheelstand, dolly!
The actress plays the best performance of the leading role in \"music Rachel Bay Jones\" for Dear Evan Hansen burst\'s \"The Book of Music Steven Levinson\" for Dear Evan Han
Music and/or Lyrics)
Dear Evan Hansen music and lyrics for the theater: the best landscape design for the drama Nigel Hook designed by Benjamin Pasek and Justin Bowles for Natasha is Pierre & The Big Comet of 1812 designed a little fox for Lillian Herman the best costume design for the drama Jane Greenwood, hello, Dolly designed
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