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daughtry gets lost in the dullness of it all

by:Marslite     2019-09-19
\"I\'m Chris, we\'re daughters,\" said the lead singer of the band at the end of the main episode sold on Tuesday --
Perform on Showcase Live.
It\'s easy to imagine Bon Jovi and Van Halen having to make similar clarifications early in their careers.
The difference is that Chris dortry has not yet found his Ritchie Sambora or David Lee Ross, who has been focusing on the front due to lack of foil/creative partners
His band members didn\'t do much to change that, although they certainly weren\'t affected by most of the soft stage lights when the singer himself remained fully illuminated.
The mix of chaotic sounds is also a problem, turning John Paul\'s bass into a cluttered rumbling sound that becomes difficult to understand whenever guitarist Josh uses a microphone.
Drummer Joey Barnes by default became the focus of the instrument, with a dull, clumsy bang.
He also wore a gas mask for no reason during \"You don\'t belong\" and flipped and threw his drumstick many times in \"Life After You\", when the final chorusDaughtry-the-
Humans seem to acknowledge the sound problem by constantly removing and re-inserting his ear monitor.
The main thing is that he sings on the moody, semi-metallic flop, as if the performance was also his day\'s exercise.
Most of the material changes are only to the extent of separation between the heavy screamer and the quasi-screamer
The sensitive power ballad, though the Bell guitar and roll drum make \"feel like tonight\" almost the only truly exciting song.
It is a prominent one in general that cannot be distinguished from other people, just like the daughter herself.
Former Evanesence keyboardist David Hodges opens with a beautiful set of songs of his own, a song that reviews a much heavier version of the battle.
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