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dancing to the big day out beat

by:Marslite     2019-10-06
How easy, comfortable, fun-
Did all the alumni who loved the big day of 2010 come out?
Lily Allen changed a dress in front of me in the locker room behind the Gold Coast event and she fired her valet.
Eskimo Joe, Greensboro and jet camp are drinking beer on the table in the dressing room, catching up with Kasabian people who are also keen to mix up with temper traps.
The dazzling hooligans are smiling and attract many famous and fanatic admirers.
The guy from Muse said \"happy\" and received congratulation from old and new friends from the back terraceParty as a whole
Continue the night tennis match in the background.
Dozens of musicians tied up after checking out, chatted in a dining tent for dinner, and had a drink at the hotel.
The 2010 touring music circus is at such a collective height that even the most intense worker in this huge live music production smiles when you cross the road.
Even Powderfinger\'s lead singer, Bernard Fanning, was moved to share the back-office bonhomie with the equally happy audience in their colorful hit songs and new song performances.
\"Seriously, you won\'t believe how good the atmosphere is in the background.
\"This is a very good band,\" said Fan Ning . \".
There are so many reasons for the 2010 Big Day Out --
Celebrate 100 exhibition in Sydney tomorrow
It feels cold.
Sponsors Ken West and Vivian Lees and their core team have been attending this festival caper since 1992 and know what they are doing.
Another factor is the fact that several bands have previously toured the festival, with bills of £ 2007 for Muse, Casa Bin, Lily Allen, Jette, Eskimo Joe and peach
But the real sign is that the number of rock star bodyguards fell sharply in 2010.
There was no anger at the machine compound or muscle personnel that kept the Hood separate from the package.
Alan was only 21 years old when she attended the music festival last time, and her alcohol caused a big stir --
Attract people\'s attentionSeek efforts.
Fast forward for three years, she is still a girl, just want to have fun in the sun, but the motivation is different-
Especially the dazzling hooligans, Muse and Casa Bin.
The Times have really changed for Alan.
\"Actually, it was fun because I felt like I was completely different from what they saw me the first time,\" she said . \" When she lit a cigarette and opened a bottle of white, she giggled.
This girl can be moretask.
She recalled: \"Then, the first festival I attended was the big day. I was so over-
Excited, noisy, drunk and show off.
I really don\'t know what\'s going on.
Kasabian was also very fresh at the time, so we were horrible kids playing pranks everywhere.
\"I grew up a little --up.
\"As for all those powerful statements about quitting music last year, we all know you\'re just kidding, right, Lily?
\"People who have to go to work every day are very annoying, don\'t they?
\"It\'s a job and what might happen because I started to be so young and I work with people who know I\'m naive and work very hard,\" she said . \".
\"I said I gave up music to control my life and have time to do other things.
I decided whether to make another album or not.
No one gave me money to make one.
\"Although Allen did not highlight her upcoming episode, she did worry about following her partner, Dizzee rascal, who has become king of the main stage immediately this year.
People love him-
Except for the idiots who were forced to throw out stinks and hit him in the eyes during a performance by the British rapper Gold Coast.
\"I felt very low after the show in Auckland --
Dizzee is amazing. . .
I\'m not jealous, but oh, f. . .
How can I get it [the crowd]
That level after him?
It\'s hard to do, \"Allen explained.
Kasabian faces the same challenges, but the opposite is true.
Their main stage was set up earlier in the day, and the band and fans were all cooked with a particularly strong summer sun.
But the Poms of the meat sauce poured out, and the crowd soon sang on top of their lungs and danced in the storm.
Guitarist and singer Serge Pizzorno will return to Australia as the band is determined to become Britain\'s largest music outlet in 2010;
He believes that an important day is just the beginning of the campaign.
Pizzorno and his singer Tom Meighan are the best partner for Jet lads, and after being joined by their friends, they are also keen to get acquainted with Perth psychedelic rock band taming Impala\'s great comedian Noel fillin
\"Those jet boys are really beautiful and nice people,\" Pizzorno said . \".
As we all know, the guitarist kept calling Jet drummer Chris Cester day and night to sing some strange songs and quote his name.
\"Tame the Impala,\" he said . \"\"I can\'t f . . .
Wait to see them.
\"Alan has now completed her performance mission, and she is hanging out in the back of Muse, teasing her good friend, lead singer Matt Bellamy.
He invited her out and explained why he and band member Dominic Howard and Chris warston Ham had a private dinner every night
Chef and waiter
After each show.
\"Well, we don\'t eat before the show. . .
The sick hiccups on the stage are not very good.
So we had a private dinner together and talked about the show;
What is right, what is wrong.
Sometimes it becomes a quarrel. in which]
\"We accused Dom of not being able to play drums,\" he joked . \".
Joking aside, big day is actually a big deal for Bellamy and the band.
The Muse lead singer, who lives near the Jet singer Nic Cester in Lake Como, Italy, said the band has always dreamed of making headlines in the world --
The famous festival in Australia because they made their debut in 2004.
The British trio has developed into one of the most impressive live performances in the world and has brought the country-of-the-
Australia\'s art lights and stage effects add to the arsenal of their epic stadium rock songs.
\"We have always dreamed of leading this important day,\" Bellamy said . \".
\"That\'s why we came back lucky for the third time.
I \'ve perfected my cheesy guitar action so far, and it seems like the crowd likes it.
\"Today and tomorrow are big days in Sydney.
Map and play time, click here.
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