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dance review : iso offers two new works at pepperdine campus

by:Marslite     2019-09-22
Although ISO has earned an international reputation for gymnastics\'s bold and alternative body humor, some of us have long suspected that the company is mainly to show Daniel ezló\'s superhuman figure. (
Not three-
The letter name means \"I\'m too developed \"? )
As usual, Ezralow appeared in various undressed states on Thursday in the ISO project in perperding, but it is important that his latest dance work satirizes a person who is only seen
Mozart\'s passages are intertwined with the harsh and often disastrous modernism of Michelle Columbus and Mark Tates, \"Trazom!
\"It represents a kind of lewd banh:
Ballet is an irony of the elegant dance tradition. MTV in its put-
Down blind, highfashion lust. Wearing skin-tight, high-
In a series of stylish party games, shine synthetic division Brian Frette, Jack Gallagher, Ashley Roland and Molly Steinberg cruelly cruise, fumble, spank and
\"Trazom ! \"
\"It turns out that these five jobs are more focused than other new ones --
Part of the show: \"Slowly fading to Roger\" by Jame Hampton and Ashley Roland. Here the pile-
The effect includes scores that are deafening (
The lounge lizard by John Paul Jones
, By five handheld portable lighting devices-
The member squad and enough stage smoke authorized the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct an investigation.
However, the work itself seems to be just a collage of workshop sports tasks: for example, trying to dance with someone when two partners are tied together by arms like basketball.
But for all the high
Energy Chase, collision and special effects, works nowhere to go.
The familiar \"Wumen\", \"I would like\" and \"idea of the night\" completed the project, with a lot of Ezralow watching each project.
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