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dale earnhardt jr. improving but still not ready to race

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
Dale Earhart, Jr. ?
He will not return to the seat of Hendrick racing in at least two weeks as he continues to treat the concussion he suffered in June.
Earhart will be replaced by Alex Bowman at Michigan International circuit this weekend, and the Labor Day weekend at Darlington circuit will be replaced by Jeff Gordon.
\"We know Dell is trying to get it back,\" team owner Rick Hendrick said in a statement on Wednesday . \".
\"He is following what the doctor said to the letter and doing what he needs to do.
Everyone wants to see him on the car, but his health comes first.
We support him.
Eenhart, 41, said his biggest problem was the stability of his eyes. -
The ability to focus on distant objects while moving the head and not feel off --
Balance or nausea.
Part of his recovery was included in a dark room, walking backwards with disco lights, a variety of basketball
Typing exercises and online 3D programs force his eyes to work together.
\"I don\'t know how long it will take,\" Earnhardt said on August . \". 5.
\"Although I am impatient, I am also worried about the patience of others.
But I won\'t go to the car until the doctor clears me up.
\"The doctor won\'t let me participate.
It\'s not my decision, but it\'s the right one and I\'m sure my doctor told me.
I believe them when they say I can go.
I can play if they say I am healthy.
\"The doctor at Earhart believes he suffered a concussion in Michigan in June 12, but did not begin to feel the effect until four weeks later.
He is being treated by a doctor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Medicine Concussion Program.
He visited them on Wednesday.
\"Dell looks great,\" Hendrick said Saturday . \".
\"I had lunch with him and [the road staff]last]
You also saw him playing basketball on Wednesday.
\"We are working with the doctor to make sure he is 100% years old. . . .
He walked very well. He wanted to get back to the car.
\"23-year-old Bowman ran well before he was involved in the accident and finished the 26th race on the New Hampshire highway on July 17, the first race was due to balance and vision problemsGordon, a four-
The time Sprint Cup champion, who has played in the last four games, said last week that his previous commitment will keep him ahead of Michigan\'s seat this week.
He retired after 2015 and joined the Fox radio team, which has the first half of the Cup schedule and plans to play only a few games in the second half of the season.
\"I enjoyed my summer a lot,\" Gordon said last week . \".
From my experience [vacationing]
In France, how relaxed it was for Indy, it was a big wake up for me.
\"I\'m in the car every week and I get more comfortable, I\'m in a place where I feel I can make more contributions, and as the game goes on, my intensity level will improve as well.
You can\'t just leave it in six months, jump in and expect it to come naturally ---
Not mine anyway.
\"With three games left in the regular season, eenhart entered the table at the age of 21, and he needs to go back to Richmond and win the game to compete for the Sprint Cup.
Team 88 currently holds the last place in the team/boss championship playoff system, same elimination-
The style points system, which includes a bonus of the same amount paid to the driver\'s champion.
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