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When there are not enough hotel rooms for special events at the destination, the cruise ship can play a vital role.
For example, when President Obama attended the summit of the Americas in Trinidad in April 2009, the cruise ship, as a temporary hotel for media and diplomats, can be seen in the context of journalists reporting the story.
When Jacksonville, Florida
, Close to the NFL hosting Super Bowl XXXIX, it brings five cruise ships to meet the requirements of providing a minimum number of hotel rooms near the stadium.
In both cases, Landry and Klin, one of the country\'s leading cruise ship leasing consultants, have made arrangements to bring ships in. The 30-year-
The old company specializes in helping companies and special event planners find cruise ships that suit their needs.
\"The Super Bowl in Jacksonville is five.
Partner Jo Kling said.
\"Only certain ships can be in St.
Due to physical and environmental constraints, the John River.
We convinced three different cruise lines to do a feasibility study, and finally the carnival, the Regent Seven Seas from the Netherlands and three ships agreed ---
And Jacksonville\'s Super Bowl.
Since there is only one permanent passenger terminal in the city, we also have to build temporary passenger terminals.
\"This is just two examples of many services from Landry and Kling.
In fact, most of the activities arranged by the company are actually carried out at sea ---
Including the biggest upcoming music cruise I \'ve personally seen.
Rock legend cruises, sailing December 1, it will be with ZZ Top, George sorogood and destroyers, John Kay and Stephen Wolfe, the Marshall Tucker Band, Dicky Betty, Virginia Johnny and Edgar Winter, among others.
This concert cruise, benefiting from the First Nations heritage association of the United States, will be fully chartered for 160,000-
Freedom at sea for four days.
Until 2009, the ship was the largest in the world;
In any case, renting a boat of this size is an impressive achievementand-
It has sold well.
Another Landry and Kling project in the project was the NASCAR cruise with Rusty Wallace in December. 4, 2011.
The American girl cruise for doll lovers will set sail on November.
2011, but sold out.
Cruise activity advantage meetings and conferences held at the hotel can be expensive, and most meetings only provide ballroom space, including everything like stage platforms, sound and stage lights, tables and chairs, and rent food.
These additional costs add up to tens of thousands of dollars.
Cruise ship-of-the-
Art theater with seating, huge AV screen, complete sound system, stage with turntable, trap door and even orchestra pit ---
All of this is included in the cruise ship charter contract.
Boats can also sleep and feed thousands of people without extra meals.
Smaller \"breakout\" rooms are also available ---
For example, \"Ocean Freedom\" has four separate meeting rooms for a total of 369 people.
\"When customers rent a full cruise ship, they can control the activities on board;
Even the port of the call can be manual
\"We are choosing to work with cruise lines,\" Jo Kling said . \". \"[Clients]
All recreational facilities available 24-
Arrange an hour program for the room TV and arrange special meal times and after-hours activities.
They can also arrange events to work together, and even last minute changes are not a problem.
The staff on board will print and deliver daily shows, gifts and special notices and all attendees will stay on board with no shipping issues.
Organizing activities is a very effective way.
\"Customers don\'t need to charter a whole ship.
Some planners only book a partial percentage of seats, but they can still coordinate the activities of their group and work with regular activities
Scheduled cruise activities.
They also have access to the theater and meeting rooms, if any.
Some boats are more suitable for partial charter, for example, many boats have special restaurants that are perfect for special events and dinners.
Sites for marine farming in Landry and Klin.
Com, full of information about the size of the vessel and the capacity of the site on board.
Rewarding travel for cruise companies that want to reward their best employees discover travel is a great incentive.
\"The beauty of the cruise ship is that it provides family holidays, but when the cruise ship provides regular activities for spouses and children, employees can attend company meetings,\" says Kling . \".
\"In addition, the cruise gives employees the right to brag, while the\" Salesman of the year \"trophy on the mantel does not really impress his friends.
\"There is a downside to the company\'s activities on the cruise ship: foreign meetings
Cruise ships flying flags are not exempt as commercial charges.
\"But what you save is more important than what you can deduct,\" says Kling . \".
Only one major cruise ship is America\'s pride. flagged.
There is also an updated US cruise company with smaller ships on the Mississippi River, the Delaware River and the Ohio River.
It is usually deductible to take a plane to the ship.
Cruise 10 as usual-if you need to know more about cruising, we urge you to consult our cruise 10-1 FAQ.
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