cowsnest community farm celebrates 40th anniversary of \'common sense\' living

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
When Alexandra Seden bought a farm in 1975, she finally set up a community that has cultivated the land for the past 40 years and established a wildlife sanctuary,
\"We were serious farmers from the beginning,\" MS Seden said . \".
As part of the anniversary celebration, a band plays in the shed that organizes daily tasks.
It is typical of old, corrugated iron shed, in addition to that, it also has a stage and lighting equipment for the party in the corner, and installed enough stoves and benches, food for large groups of residents and visiting farm workers.
Sedon MS said that in 1975, when she and her then husband moved to the farm in the Bega Valley in New South Wales, there was only one house, but \"from the beginning, people would come here for the night.
This is the age of Aquarius, known in Nimbin, north of the new state, with the emergence of alternative communities that build communes.
Her brother, Peter, is also involved, and cowsness will become a serious agricultural enterprise.
Someone\'s sleeping on a balcony, in a tent, in a car.
\"It was a community from the beginning and it was growing,\" she said . \".
It was in the school that MS Seton first heard of kibbutzem in Israel.
\"I think, wow, this is physical labor during the day,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s music, dance and painting at night, it\'s a community.
I have never lost the ideal way of life.
\"I\'m always very excited about the community, the protection, and the education, so we went along this route.
\"I like people who don\'t have any money to offer their labor in exchange for food and accommodation.
\"Some come and go, some stay, in the middle
1980 MS Seden has been a company for so long-
Long-term residents may become shareholders.
\"If all the other residents are happy to own them, you may become a shareholder in two years,\" Seiden said . \" MS.
\"When people leave, they give up their share.
\"After going to school in Melbourne, getting married, living and working in the UK and Papua New Guinea, moving to cowsness became the time for Seton MS to pursue their dreams.
She has taught creative writing and drama in PNG and has trained her talents in craft and visual arts.
The creative community attracted by Cowsnest began to offer regular art and crafts open days.
As Candelo is the nearest town, the group has also established the Candelo Arts Association, which celebrates its 30 th anniversary this year and has made an important contribution to the cultural development of the region
With the emergence of workers willing to work on organic farms, the first community boom in the 1970 s followed (WWOOF)
Come to the farm network from all over the world.
The goal of \"Wof\" is exactly the basis of the Cowsnest Community Farm: offering voluntary farm work on organic farms in exchange for meals and accommodation.
\"Anything I do seems to be common sense,\" Seden said . \" MS.
\"I don\'t have a good intellectual idea of it yet.
\"It gives me great joy to see people work together, people are happy, people look after the land, plants, animals and others.
\"At 2006 MS, Seden also bought a sick wildlife park near Merimbula, renamed it potolu Palace and used it as a local animal sanctuary and protection
Cowsnest\'s corporate structure increases the risk that future generations of shareholders want to sell part of the property, so the farm is integrated with Potoroo Palace.
As a charity, MS Seton says it provides a safer structure for the most powerful communities.
\"There are only four rules in the community [and]
They mean respect for anyone, \"MS Seden said.
\"You can have as diverse views as possible and you can still do it if you respect each other.
\"The rules are so mundane: clean yourself up, return tools and equipment, and be responsible for any task you undertake --
We have recently added a fourth to continue communication.
\"They usually leave if they can\'t follow these rules.
\"It\'s so simple.
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