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County parks and entertainment departments are sponsoring several entertainment projects this winter.
Liz Zimmer will lead the Basketry workshop.
The art class will be in the charge of Lena hefmann.
All basketry and art classes are held at the county Botanical Garden at 1020, Highway 31, Clinton Township.
Registration is required, first come first served.
Download registration form from cohunterdon. nj.
We click on park and entertainment \".
For more information, please call 908-782-1158.
Cradle of adults work basket, Monday, February. 11 10 a. m. -2:30 p. m. or 6-10 p. m.
$25, including materials to learn to make baskets from start to finish.
This simple round basket is woven around the mold.
The diameter of the finished product is about 4 \"high X 6 \".
Welcome new weavers.
Full day adult basket workshop antlers or floating wood baskets on Saturday, February. 23 9 a. m. -5 p. m.
$33 with antlers or driftwood.
Brainstorm how this basket will take shape with antlers or driftwood as the handle.
Participants should bring either an antlers or a piece of driftwood.
They drilled holes, inserted round Reed spokes, and woven a basket with ribs.
The basket may need to be completed at home.
We will provide all other materials.
Friday, March 1 5: 30-simple basket and beads for children Basketry workshop for children8 p. m.
This workshop is suitable for children aged 6 and over, accompanied by an adult, for $8, designed for the adult/Children team to make baskets.
Starting with the wooden base, the student will insert a circular Reed spoke, weave a little, then add beads, weave a little, and then finish with the woven edge.
Lots of color and bead design.
Sunday afternoon4 p. m.
On Sunday, February, all materials included the oil landscape, aged over 15, at $42.
24 acrylic still-
Life: pastel animals on Sunday, March 24: watercolor portraits on Sunday, April 28: monthly art workshop on Sunday, May 26, exploring a new theme and medium every month.
Rena hefmann will show every step of the process, from sketches to finished art.
Students learn the same subject with the instructor, learn the correct use of materials, and learn anatomy, proportions, values, and colors.
Materials are included, but participants can bring their own.
Sign up for one or more workshops.
All levels are welcome.
For more information about Lena Heisman, please visit Lena Heisman. com.
Echo Hill Park in cloves Avenue, Clinton town offers the following items.
Registration is required, first come first served.
Download registration form from cohunterdon. nj.
We click on park and entertainment \".
For more information, please call 908-782-1158.
History passes through aerial photography on the hunt from the above Monday, February. 25 6:30-8:30 p. m.
$3 for adults aged 15. This demonstration uses the image contrast interpretation of the air photo library of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of New Jersey, highlighting the changing landscape of huntden County from 1930 to the present (NJDEP).
Recently, host Mike McCain retired from njdep\'s green acre project, and his job is to study the history of the land the country is considering buying.
He spent hours checking aerial photography under a microscope, researching records and maps, interviewingtime residents.
The striking visuals and interesting narratives of the slides highlight the transition from farm, Orchard, forest, rail and rural hunting towns to the present --
Everyday environment of houses, shopping malls and roads.
There used to be a railway Monday at 6: 30 on March 25-8 p. m.
Between the ages of 15 and adults, $3 New Jersey and rail dates back to 1815, when the state awarded John Stevens, Hoboken, America\'s first railroad charterS.
Although Stevens\'s New Jersey Railway has never been built, under the guidance of Stevens\'s son, the Camden and ambo railways began operating between nangbo and bodentown in 1833, the first of many railways across the Garden State.
In \"Once there was a rail,\" Mike McCann went deep into the 20-year experience of the Department of Environmental Protection\'s aviation photo gallery to see the long history of New Jersey ---
People can reach almost anywhere by rail.
From Monday, April 15, New Jersey-*:30 p. m.
Between the ages of 15 and 15, New Jersey is a Garden State for $1930.
Aerial photography at the time depicted gray scale boards for farms, orchards, forests and small towns.
The state\'s once-large rail network has disappeared, replacing it with county, state, and Interstate highways.
Single-lane steel truss or stone bridge has been replaced by concrete highway crossing.
Now the farm, the old well house, the limestone kiln and the forest are built into houses, shopping malls and asphalt.
The county is looking for local talent to perform in summer concerts and Earth Day.
\"Show your things\" county park and entertainment are looking for music talent to perform on the 37 th, \"a concert series in Redding town Deer Road Park in the summer.
It is estimated that the attendance rate exceeded 7,000 last year and is expected to increase this year.
Although the audience consisted mainly of Hunterton County residents, a large number of people from Mercer, Somerset, Warren and Morris counties also attended the meeting.
In addition, a large number of people from northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania participated in this well-known series.
It is considered one of the best in the state and is widely reported in the media.
A free concert is held on the outdoor stage of Deer Road Park.
Performers must provide their own sound equipment.
Power connection and stage lighting are provided.
The concert lasted from June 27 to Thursday, August. 15 from 7 p. m.
Until about 8: 30 p. m. m.
The July 4 concert will be held on Wednesday, July 3.
The deadline for submission is March 27.
The county is also seeking an action to also hold its annual Earth Day celebration at Deer Road Park on Saturday, April 20.
Contact Patrick Eckard, person in charge of peckard @ co Entertainmenthunterdon. nj. us or call 908-782-
1158 for more information.
Travel on the following coach journey from Deer Road Park, 120 woodshuch West Road, Redding Township and return.
Bronx Zoo on Saturday, March 2. m. -6 p. m.
Through adult 8.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
The $50 includes a bus ride, admission and other attractions mentioned below.
This is the world\'s largest city zoo with over 600 species from all over the world.
Participants can enjoy the overall experience at the zoo including butterfly park, children\'s zoo, Congo Gorilla Forest, zoo shuttle, 4-
Theater, jungle world, etc.
There will be about five hours to explore.
Buy lunch at the main restaurant, dance crane cafe, terrace cafe or one of the many snack stalls offered by the zoo, or bring your own lunch.
2013 Philadelphia Flower Show March 5 Tuesday 9:45m. -7 p. m.
2013 flower show will pay tribute to the UK for $60 for adults, including tickets and coach cars.
The exhibition will show several centuries of design that have influenced London in the 21 st century.
This is the largest indoor horticultural exhibition in the world.
Buy samples of plants, gifts, wine and attend different workshops.
Visit the flower show.
For more information, visit com.
Saturday, March 23, at 9: 00 in medieval Europe, the monastery. m. -7:30 p. m. Ages 12 and up.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
$56 adults/$48 seniors/$46 students include bus rides, admission and tours;
$33 for the bus-
Tickets to the museum are not included.
The monastery museum and gardens are branches of the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to medieval European art and architecture, consisting of domestic and religious architectural elements from the 12 th to the 15 th century.
The building and its enclosed garden, located in the north of Manhattan\'s tyrannburg Park, are treasures in itself and are actually part of the collection there.
From the 16 th century, cloisters\'s collection includes about 3,000 works of art from medieval Europe.
The bus will be dropped off at the Abbey Museum.
Participants are responsible for their food.
From leisure to elegance, the museum offers a wide range of dining options.
For more information, visit metmuseum. Organization/visit-the-cloisters.
Chief Park naturalist Tom Sheppard will lead the following bird tours.
They will depart from the county botanical garden on Highway 1020, Clinton Township.
Sheppard focuses on helping all participants identify birds and teach them the features of each bird.
He will point out the natural history information of the area the group is visiting.
Bring lunch because there is no guarantee that it will stop.
Bring a telescope or telescope;
The number of telescopes available for rent is limited.
Unless otherwise stated, any interested bird watching trip at all levels is recommended.
Registration is required, first come ---first served;
Limited space.
Download registration form at cohunterdon. nj.
We click on park and entertainment \".
908-more information-782-1158.
Waterbird and Woodcock on Saturday, March 168:30 p. m.
Adults, the $ March 25 is when ducks migrate through Hunterton and Warren County, they stop to rest in places like assepine swamp, Spruce race, Round Valley, and Forest Creek.
Participants will look for many types of waterbirds, view the Eagles of the Merrill River, and end the day in search of wooden roosters, hoping to observe their show of courtship.
Bird watching in northeast New Jersey on Sunday, April 28. m. -5:30 p. m.
Adults, led by park staff and guest leader Chris Aquila, $35, this trip to northeast New Jersey will visit places heard on rare bird alerts, for example, the Allen Dale celery farm and the Montclair spring Eagle Watch.
The program below is Echo Mountain on cloves Avenue in Clinton town.
Wednesday, March 13-8 p. m.
$10/pair participants of all ages will spend an evening with Tom Sheppard to learn about the seven peckers in Hunterton County.
Explore the differences between the Pecker and other birds through slides.
At the end of the evening, participants will build a Pecker Bongo, the device in which the Pecker announces the sound of the drum in place of the house.
Spring Walk sign at the Botanical Garden on Wednesday, March 206 p. m.
On the first day of spring, spend $3 exploring the botanical garden.
Participants will look for signs of seasonal change, including looking for early wildflowers, listening to the wood frog and checking which animals are out of hibernation.
Registration is required, first come first served.
Download registration form at cohunterdon. nj.
We click on park and entertainment \".
For more information, please call 908-782-1158.
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