concert review: kiss blow things up real good in toronto

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
Wednesday night :*(
Three out of four)
Talk about a bang. Hard-
The rocking veteran\'s kiss ended their road trip on Wednesday night to the Scottish bank arena, the first of two stops-it will return on August.
17-and brought some heavy guns with them in the form of explosions, firebursts, fireworks, laser lights, paper scraps, balloons, steam-
Dragon breathing, and a lot of stunts.
The breath and blood of the singer also burst into flames.
Bassist Gene Simmons flies in the air for a singer
Guitarist Paul Stanley, floating platform for everyone, Crane for Simmons and lead guitarist Tommy Seyer, and a piano coming out of the floor so Drummer Eric Singh can play Bei
It doesn\'t even mention their impressive stage with three huge video screens and a compelling-looking honey-
Combed lighting equipment.
\"We have been here since we played against Messi Hall in 1974!
Stanley said he did all the talking, while Simmons summed it up at most with arm gestures, facial expressions, and tongue.
They really hung up wigs, makeup, comic books-
Forty-five years later, inspired costumes and high boots-their first farewell trip, ending the \"classic lineup\" in 2001-gave 69-year-old Simmons and 67-year-old Stanley (
His muscular, muscular arm is hard to ignore)
, Close to 70, who can blame them for their high level of sporting performance?
Even the 58-year-old Thayer and the 60-year-old singer (
Replace the original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, respectively)
-Not the chicken of spring, everyone is kissing the Army for two hours and 15 minutes on Wednesday night.
At a party in Detroit Rock City, the band first appeared on a personal platform, while the singer played behind his huge drum kit.
From there they went to see two more classics and shouted out, Deuce, and then lost it with songs like \"Yes, I love it, Heaven Is on Fire\"
So it\'s back and forth all night.
Highlights like war machine, lick it, including someone who won\'t be fooled again, call Dr.
Love, the cold gin and the God of Thunder, beat the weak tunes like the psychological circus, let me Rock, Black Diamond, do you love me?
In a cool moment of the show, Stanley jumped on a seat belt and took him to a smaller B--behind the floor-
Before KISS finished his performance with the audience, he sang \"Love Gun\" and I Was Made For Loving You, the latter being their \"biggest international hit \"--
Pleasant rock and roll. SET LIST: 1.
Detroit Rock City 2
Shout out loudly. Deuce 4. Say Yeah 5.
I like to be loud.
Heaven is on fire. War Machine 8. Lick It Up (
Who will not be fooled again)9. Calling Dr. Love 10.
11 in 100,000. Cold Gin 12.
Thor 13.
Psychological circus
Let me go rock 15Love Gun 16.
I was born to love you.
Black Diamond: 18. Beth 19.
Do you love me 20?
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