comedienne/folk singer to perform at salem roadhouse café in union

by:Marslite     2019-09-23
The well-known comedian/folk singer Carla ubrich will perform at Salem Road cafe, 829 United Selem Road, Saturday, March 13m.
Open at 7. m.
Tickets are $15/$10 for students with ID cards, including hot and cold snacks, drinks, delicious coffee, tea and dessert.
Salem song and dance restaurant Cafe hotel offers first-class customers, clubs,
Like professional sound, stage lighting, general lighting atmosphere.
Original works of art represented by local artists are displayed on the wall of the Road House gallery.
Ubrich is a funny singer.
Songwriter and guitarist from Clemson, South Carolina, currently living in New Jersey.
Kara likes word games and keen observation.
She is mainly known for her humorous songs on topics such as weddings, Waffle Houses, Klingons, and how rich she will be if she owns the copyright of the word \"f.
She is also involved in playing the guitar.
Professional Smart Aleck has toured the United States and the United Kingdom, and has performed on American TV, BBC, Dr.
Shows and venues for Demento, Bob and Sherrie, such as Falconridge and Kerrville Folk Festivals, Club Med, Eddie\'s Attic and Bluebird Cafe.
The former school band geek has just released her fifth CD recorded at Sirius XM radio performance theater: \"Live from outer space \".
This CD was chosen by George Graham as the \"Top Ten CD in 2009 \"(WVIA)
Festival Radio and serious comedy sites.
\"Duet with Klingon people\" is the most requested 5 songs in \"doctor\" in 2009. Demento.
For more information, please contact Salem Roadhouse Cafe at 908-686-
1028, email at salemroadhouse @ gmail.
Or online at roadhousecafe. org.
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