college staging version of \'superstar\'.

by:Marslite     2019-09-29
Daily news Valencia-
Amateur and professional performers are making Jesus Christ Superstar at the Canyon Theatre Academy.
\"Superstar\" will be at 8: 00 in the eveningm. May 8-
At the Canyon Amphitheater College.
Free admission.
For information, please call (661)362-5070.
\"This is a huge work, not something common on community college campuses,\" said director Mark Salyer . \".
\"This is not only challenging for the information it delivers, but also for the efforts of all the people involved.
Ben Benefield, a graduate of the film and television academy, said his first love was writing music.
Benefield finished his first symphony at the age of 9 and wrote eight Complete Symphonies
Two musicals were performed.
Felix played Mary.
Felix recently came from a family of three.
In the Fox TV series Boston Public, she played the opposite role of American Idol finalist Tamira Gray.
Actress and Valencia High School graduate Mia Jones also have TV credits in their background, including appearances in \"Hill Street Blue\" and \"Thirty years old\" as well as many commercials.
\"This is an amazing group of different individuals,\" Salyer said . \".
The audience will be shocked by their abilities.
Behind the scenes is a group of professional producers and designers.
\"It\'s really a real collaboration between all the performing arts departments of the Canyon Academy and some professional designers,\" said Susan Simshaw, chairman of the theater department.
\"It\'s just a big show.
Included in the group was Richard bosterd, a veteran costume designer who has produced cat and Phantom of the opera.
Julie Ferrin made her debut as a sound designer at Canyon College.
Ferlin\'s recent efforts have won many nominations and awards, including over 70 works in the Los Angeles area over the past six years.
Richard Taylor and Wes Pelle put together dynamic lighting packages.
Both Taylor and Pelle have worked in the Angstrom stage lamp and production service in Hollywood for many years.
The staff and faculty of the College have also been helping.
Brodi Steele is responsible for the design and technical direction of set, while K. C.
Musical director mangie and Shannon Levy
As a dance guide, Heath has been concentrating their resources to coordinate the music and dance complexity of this rockopera.
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