collapsed ceiling closes minneapolis music venue

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This article is published in 14/8/2015 (1414 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. MINNEAPOLIS —
On Thursday morning, construction inspectors at the First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis, the night before, the legendary ceiling of the venue collapsed, causing the three to be taken to hospital.
The club has announced it will close today to assess the incident.
City spokesman Matt Lindstrom said city inspectors were meeting with structural engineers on First Avenue to determine the cause of the collapse.
The inspectors will ask for an assessment of the building and the remaining ceiling system.
\"After completing all the necessary repairs and inspections in the performance area, First Avenue will be allowed to reopen,\" Lindstrom said . \". A 30-foot-by-30-
The foot part of the plaster ceiling gave way to the concert at about 10 p. m.
The fire department in Minneapolis said Wednesday.
A hospital spokesman said three people were injured and went to the hennipin County Medical Center.
Authorities say no one appears to be injured. threatening.
All losses are limited to the performance area of the club.
Lindstrom says adjacent restaurants will be allowed to reopen once the fire sprinkler system can be restored.
On Thursday morning, the general manager of First Avenue did not immediately comment.
On Twitter, however, the venue issued a statement saying \"we are working with city inspectors and structural engineers to find out why this happened and how best to reopen safely.
The First Avenue, entrance, record room and warehouse will be closed on Thursday, August 13 and Friday, August 14 to assess the cause of the accident.
The injured are our thoughts and hearts.
Thank you for your support! More info soon.
Nate Kranz, general manager of First Avenue, said: \"The collapsed ceiling is on the balcony DJ booth behind the dance floor.
A section falls on the floor, about in the middle of the headlines set by the Canadian metal band Dead man theory.
The show stopped and more than 1,000 fans were evacuated immediately.
The fire department said firefighters who responded to the club shut down the water in the area.
Todd Johnson and his family at the concert said the band had just finished the fourth song and the musicians suddenly left the stage.
Then he saw a part of the ceiling fall down and the water went up from the ceiling.
About a minute later, the second piece of the ceiling fell, he said.
At first, some people thought that water came from the sprinkler system, but it was too much to be used as a water source.
Jennifer Johnson said the second drop was twice the number one, causing the crowd to scream.
There was smoke everywhere, and some people screamed, but she didn\'t think of it at first because she thought it was part of the show, Denay Riser said.
A few people suffered minor injuries.
A woman near the falling tile was bleeding and the caregiver took care of her immediately.
One of the most famous music rooms in the United States, the landmark nightclub opened in 1970, and has since been the world health organization that presents pop music, from Tina Turner and U2 to Jesse J and Prince, he filmed 1984 of his films, rain.
The building was originally a Greyhound bus stop that opened in 1937.
The family of the Mann Theatre sold the building to the then First Avenue ownership team in 2000, which included longtime accountant Byron Frank, whose daughter Dana Frank and their family were
A few weeks ago, the club installed a new lighting device on its big stage, but Kranz said that the work done in this regard was on the other side of the room, from where the pieces fell, it may not be a contributing factor.
In fact, he said, \"This is another case we just met (inspectors)
In here to all and see all the things that.
\"According to the city inspection permit records, most of the licenses recently issued by the city for First Avenue appear to be used for routine maintenance such as commercial Hood cleaning.
The last renovation permit was issued in 2011, including the installation of a new barrier-free ramp inside.
No band was arranged on Thursday.
The bluegrass band Ginstrings is scheduled to perform tonight, and the scheduled performance on Saturday is for sale-
Performance by Grammy-winning R & B star Miguel.
\"This is a big problem,\" Kranz said . \". —Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
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