chicago brings razzle dazzle and all that jazz

by:Marslite     2019-09-24
When Chicago opened on Broadway in 1996, no one could predict how many viewers were \"dazzled\", but 22 years later, the musical performed 8800 times in New York alone and has now traveled around the world.
The latest international travel products are not open somewhere in the United States or the United Kingdom, but in New Zealand.
It will play in Auckland for three weeks, then in Wellington for two weeks, followed by an excellent performance in 2019 games in China, South Africa and Germany.
Max Finbow for Co-
London production company
James kundel, chief executive of David Ian production and the UK lunch box maker, said they chose New Zealand because the audience was open to acceptance and support.
Cundell joked that he would also like to see all black people play rugby to schedule the opening week.
When 23 performers and 11
The band is on stage and thousands of New Zealanders will be transported to Chicago, in their 1920 s, and will see sequels, feathers and beautiful performances that have been supported for dozens of hours in rehearsal --
Held mainly in South Africa
And the fierce operation of the background.
Of course, there will be no hints of drama, comedy or behind-the-scenes production scale.
Last Monday, crates loaded with lights and sound equipment, scenery and clothing arrived at the Civic Theater;
The task of putting the story of Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly and lawyer Billy Flynn into practice began with 51 local and Circuit staff opening the crates.
On Tuesday, 28 lighting and sound technicians continued to install, so the rehearsal may begin on Wednesday.
On Sunday, the Herald was invited to shoot the early stages of stage construction, lighting rigging, and band audio inspection in the background (
Musicians play 35 different instruments between them)
On Friday, after a full day of rehearsal on Thursday, the last media interview.
The musical began in the 1920 s, when journalist Maurine Dallas Watkins was inspired by the 1924 murder trials she reported for the Chicago Tribune.
She created the character, Roxie Hart (based on Annan)
And Velma Kelly (
Based on Geithner)
She appeared in her 1926 drama about the power of murder, the media and the corrupt Justice of celebrity criminals.
In the 1970 s, composer John Kande, writer/songwriter Fred Chao ups and downs, choreographer Bob forth kisses in Dallas Watkinsand-
The story of Roxie Hart (based on Annan)
And Velma Kelly (
Inspired by gaerjee)
Into a musical we know today.
Since the 1996 renaissance, Chicago has become the longest city in history.
American musicals are staged on Broadway and West End.
Its total revenue is more than $1.
Through about 5 billion performances in 35 countries and 12 different languages, 30,000 worldwide.
Four semi-trailers for stage and production equipment 70 speakers 30 amplifiers 450 lights 30 radio microphones piano and drum kit Roxie changes fastest: 49 seconds • The only other color on the show is Amos\'s white socks and gloves, Mary Sunshine\'s vest and Billy\'s handkerchief in his pocket, the flowers on the jacket-
The rest of the show is black. The lace dress of Roxie and the Jazz dress of Velma use Swarovski crystal. The same costume design is used all over the world in all performances of this version.
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