cbs news’ steve kroft, longtime ‘60 minutes’ correspondent, is retiring

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
The longest Steve Croft
The network announced on Friday that life-long journalists from CBS news magazine 60 Minutes will retire at the end of the season.
The 73-year-old Croft will be on the last leg of Sunday\'s show.
In 1989, he joined 60 Minutes for the first time and became part of a line-up of journalists including Mike Wallace, Molly Seve, Ed Bradley and Harry reasoning.
\"From the moment Steve Croft came to CBS News on 1980, he was hit by a cannon, and wherever he landed, his story would be news, with depth, there was also a strong CBS News president, Susan Zilin, who said in a statement.
\"From Central America to London and New York, his fate is clear --
Croft\'s ability to investigate instincts and unlock the most complex stories makes him perfect for a 60-minute team.
Kroft was a reporter on the most famous \"60 Minutes\" show in 1992, when-
US presidential candidate Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, spoke about him and singer Gennifer Flowers.
After the Super Bowl broadcast by CBS, 34 million viewers watched the show.
In the interview, a lighting device was loose and almost hit Hillary.
Croft, who is also former President Barack Obama\'s favorite interviewer, spoke to Croft 11 times during his two-term at the White House.
After graduating from Syracuse University in 1967, Croft began his career in the United States. S.
Army as a journalist
Photographers in Vietnam
In 1975, he received a master\'s degree in journalism from Columbia University and worked in Jackson and Miami, Florida.
There, he won a local TV Prize for reporting political corruption and drug trade.
CBS News hired Kroft in 1980 and made him a journalist in 1981.
He reported the civil war between El Salvador and the United States. S.
Before he was sent to the London bureau, he invaded Grenada, where he reported European affairs and terrorism.
He returned to New York in 1987 as a reporter in the news magazine West 57.
Kroft has won many honors for its \"60 Minutes\" job, including five pebodi awards.
The project will pay tribute to Croft\'s 50 th birthday
A year of career aired in September.
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