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In the warehouse behind an inconspicuous Sinham office park, shelves are lined with more than 200 keyboards, and miles of cables are neatly tied together, hundreds of trap drums and complete drum kits are packed in the road case to go, dozens of guitar cabinets, DJ gear, microphones, music consoles, music stations in any music scene, even lighting can be used at any time.
This is Bersten Music, which has become New England\'s largest back and professional audio rental service for the last 30 years, and this year with Neil Diamond to take care of everyone on the Boston July 4 pop show, last year, Rascal Flatts-
Attend private parties and University festivals.
It was quiet early this week at noon, but owner Andy Bergsten said it wouldn\'t be too long.
He pointed to the organized pile of equipment stacked near the loading dock.
He said: \"These are for the upcoming show, including an industrial event on the island of B lot. B.
The King performed at the south bank Music Circus, as well as some activities at the Bank of America Pavilion and the Comcast Center.
We also rented the equipment for several private parties performed by the Beach Boys.
\"Included in B\'s equipmentB.
The king is not one but two Hammond.
3 organs and 4 old Lesley speaker cabinets used with them.
\"One of the reasons people call us is because they know that we have a wide enough stock and can include backup devices if there are any problems,\" said Bersten . \".
\"When you are performing live, you have to be prepared for anything.
\"He should know: He\'s a bass singer, has worked with many bands over the years and has been active at Grammy Awards --
Bellevue cadillac, which specializes in jazz, gospel, blues and swings, has been nominated.
He said: \"It\'s a good thing to play outside because you can see what other people are using and keep in touch.
\"Performing in the band is the reason why Bergsten started the leasing business in 60 years.
\"My dad told me that I would have more control over this situation if I had my own P. A. ,’’ he said.
\"When my band had several meetings for Van Morrison in 1968, I could rent him some equipment they didn\'t carry on the road.
\"Over the years, one connection has been built on another until his company has grown to 12,000-square-
The space he now occupies.
\"I started by storing the equipment in the shed in the backyard,\" said Bergsten . \".
\"There is plenty of room for lawn mower and a few. A.
S and guitar amplifier.
\"Tim Comcast Center and Tim McKenna, production manager at the Boston Blues House, said he has been working with Bergsten music in one way or another since 1984.
\"There are a lot of variables to get performers in and set up for the event on time,\" he said . \".
\"I\'m happy to have Bersten music involved in this case because it means I don\'t have to worry about one thing.
\"As his company grew, Berklee\'s graduate of the School of Music, Bergsten, kept his daily job as a primary school music teacher at the Plym outh Public School, retired four years ago, working full-time on the cause.
\"It\'s a bit crazy,\" he said.
\"After school, I will rush home to help prepare the equipment for the show.
Sitting in a spacious office, mainly photos of Bergsten and musicians including Paul McCartney, Les Paul, Arlo grisley and John Williams, bergsten quickly praised his longtime vice president and general manager, Greg borsurrey, and his full time staff
Time staff of 12 people to help build the company.
\"Many of my competitors have started in my way,\" he said . \"
\"But you have to learn to delegate and give opportunities to others.
If it weren\'t for Greg and the team, we wouldn\'t be there.
\"With the establishment of the company\'s reputation and the increase in equipment inventory, the rental work of berstagen extends to the current schedule of 150 to 170 times a month.
On a typical day, the rider of the band will receive a call from the tour manager or the venue production manager, who is a bit like the housekeeper of the band, detailing all the needs of the performer.
\"The musicians are very picky about their voices,\" said Bergsten . \".
\"They want specific drum heads, amplifiers, and strings.
We eliminate concerns by making sure we cover every base.
\"Covering the base means getting ready for anything that might happen.
McKenna said: \"For one reason or another, the device is not always valid, but Bergsten Music not only carries the spare equipment on the truck, but also saves time to get the spare equipment, but his technicians know the equipment very well and can continue to producethe-
Spot adjustment.
\"McKenna said many bands would ask for Bergsten music when they were in the area.
\"Some bands, like the Neville Brothers and The Beach Boys, travel without any equipment,\" he said . \".
\"They have to trust the leasing company in order for everything to go well.
\"Many other bands have started their national tour in Boston, including Kelly Clarkson, who rented 15 guitars from Bergsten, and a band like gertro tours because Boston is their launch point.
Bergsten said that he has received some strange requests over the years, mainly some difficult requests. to-
But he says he can usually come up with something.
\"Once, a band from China needed two 55.
\"A gallon barrel,\" he said . \"
\"I don\'t know where to buy them, but I was walking in the woods behind the house, where I found two, dragged them out, cleaned them up and they got the show.
\"About a decade ago, when vintage instruments began to be popular as an investment, Bergsten turned to his fascination with vintage Vox amplifiers and various collectible vintage guitars and offered some
In his showroom, he has a full Beatles, including Ringo\'s drums, super-
The Beatles and a shake guitar.
One of berstien\'s favorite works is his original 1963 Ac-30 amplifier.
He said: \"I don\'t usually rent out, but when Edge [of U2]
Call me. I think he\'s good.
\"Recently, Bergsten received more phone calls from film companies that shoot movies in Massachusetts and need an old-fashioned music setting.
\"When I started, I didn\'t know that things were going in that direction,\" he said . \".
\"I am very happy to be in this business.
\"Terry Bourne can be reached at trbyrne @ aol. com.
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