canberra\'s light rail is ready to roll, but it\'s been decades in the making

by:Marslite     2019-09-12
In the capital, the topic of light rail seems to continue --
This is because it has (almost*).
When the first tram
Or a light rail car, if you want.
Starting tomorrow, North Byrne Avenue will begin rolling, and discussions about the Canberra light rail system can be traced back to the establishment of the city.
The construction of the capital takes light rail into account-
In Walter Burley Griffin\'s urban planning, it features a corridor reserved for the tram on streets such as Northbourne Avenue.
But, like any project with a big price tag, this project has caused a lot of controversy and debate in terms of where it should run, what it should look like and how much it should pay for it.
This is the largest infrastructure project in Canberra\'s history, and thousands of people are expected to ride free on weekends.
But there are many people in those lucky souls who will happily not know agie-
Before bargy.
This new line is from Civic to gungreen, this line is-
But there are also some other ideas thrown out.
In Bill 2003, the government seriously considered dumping Gungahlin (
, And build an internal-centric networkcity Canberra.
It runs through the lake twice and is linked to the Australian National University, the Capitol, Kingston and Russell. Then-
Planning Minister Simon colbell sees this as a great option to activate the internal struggle sectioncity.
\"There are great opportunities for development in places like the west of citizens, which have so far not developed,\" he said at the time . \".
\"If we have light rail, we can turn it into a more active residential and commercial area.
Vicky Dunn at the time(and still)-
The proposal is far from convincing the opposition.
It has never really made progress, and a few years later, the government began to take action. in-
Reach out to the federal government and look for money to make the Gang Green line a reality.
Former chief minister Jon Stanhope has long believed that light rail is simply not feasible without federal funds.
The funds were applied in 2008, about the time when the former federal government of Rudd was funding through the Australian construction fund.
It is listed as a very fast train and other items (VFT)
Connect Canberra with other capitals, a major solar power station, and Majura Parkway.
It is very noteworthy that everything but one of them has now become a reality.
Guess which one has no Prize (RIP, VFT).
But while the federal government does provide some funding for the first phase of the light rail, it is mainly up to the act to complete the bill --
This is not very good with everyone.
Chief Minister Katie Gallagher promised the project before the 2012 election, when the price was $600. A post-
Election agreement with the Green Party that has long pushed the project --
But it also reinforces the future of the project.
The Liberal Party is not always against it, but by 2014
Jeremy Hansen, the leader of the opposition, has formed a persistent view.
While the bill\'s government works to lay the foundation for the capital\'s metro, the opposition promises to tear up contracts if they win public office in 2016.
It was proposed to increase investment in buses because it was cheaper and more costly --effective —
If it\'s a little less flashyproposal.
The test of light rail will be easy to measure;
Once it\'s up and running, how many people actually use it all the time.
This will also determine the future of the second phase, which is currently going deep into the planning process.
For some, the cost is higher than others, and among those who would most like to see the end of the building, there are businesses that have been blocked from the street passage when the project results.
Some have reported a loss of income of up to 75 due to reduced pedestrian traffic caused by heavy construction.
Every day, when rails are laid in Canberra\'s busiest transport corridor, commuters who are frustrated by years of lane closures and road work.
But is it all worth it?
For thousands of people, the government says it will queue up for the ride on Saturday, proving it will be on the commute.
Maybe not forever, but Canberra was designed more than 100 years ago.
So it\'s been a while.
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