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bruno mars halts gig after on-stage fire

by:Marslite     2019-09-23
He\'s too hot -hot damn!
When Bruno Marles\'s stage lights caught fire, he was forced to stop performing in Glasgow.
The American Grammy winner sang four songs on the set in Glasgow Green.
The stage fireworks apparently lit up the lighting.
The flame was controlled in eight minutes.
So he doesn\'t need to \"call po-
\"Lice and firemen\"
When he returned to the stage, Mars improvised a chorus of \"We burned the stage in Glasgow.
During the break, the video screen of the outdoor venue told fans: \"It is necessary to stop the show temporarily.
More information will be provided later.
\"Before the show resumed, several viewers posted photos of the stage staff putting out fire with fire extinguishers.
No one was injured.
A spokesperson for the DF concert said: \"There was a stage light event during the Bruno Mars show that meant the show was temporarily suspended.
\"Thanks to the quick thinking of the stage team we assessed the situation, the matter was quickly responded to, allowing the show to proceed safely.
\"Mars continues to play another 11 songs, including his hot grenades, just like you and Funk in Uptown.
This week, he will continue his tour of the British summer music festival in Dublin and Hyde Park, London.
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