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bosch dreams as montreal awakens to complètement cirque festival

by:Marslite     2019-10-12
The tenth edition of Montreal\'s full circus festival is sure to fill the city with a dazzling array of fun on Earth.
However, death, curse and eternal punishment will also be warned.
This is because one of its main exhibitions is based on paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, whose most famous work, the earthly Gourmet Garden, shows some of the most terrible visions of art for the afterlife.
The famous contemporary circus group Les 7 Doigts once again kicked off the festival, this time (
At salpierre in July 4-14
Mercure Hotel, 300 Maisonneuve Avenue. E. ).
The company was first produced in the theater of the Republic of Copenhagen in 2016 to mark the 500th anniversary of the painter\'s death, and the show was not as severe as the original material implied, promising directors and partners
Creator Samuel treott
\"A lot of people see more terrible aspects when they look at Bosch --
\"Hell and other painful sights,\" treott told the Montreal Gazette on the phone, sounding like he himself was in a small corner of hell (
In fact, the airport security lineup is very noisy).
\"But I believe his work is both bright and dark.
I want to focus more on the optimistic and positive vision of Bosch\'s work.
\"The show uses animation, projected onto several layers of canvas, designed by angle Potier to bring Bosch\'s nine paintings to life, with performers from Les 7 docigs put into it
The audience in Montreal may recall another big show a few years ago under Bosch: Dance Guide Mary joinnade and her company\'s \"Garden of human cuisine\" (
By the way, Les 7 Doigts worked with the 2015 show Triptyque).
While Chouinard\'s work more or less provides an abstract vision of Bosch\'s work, Les 7 Doigts are more narrative --
The focus approach, real and fictional characters are all shuttling through the world of Bosch, including a gift
His daughter and Bosch committed suicide before his death.
\"The main plot is the story of the professor, who is at a turning point in his life,\" said tetréault.
\"He did not really live his life,
He is not very good to his daughter because he is always busy studying.
In the course of the show, he realized that this phase of his life was coming to an end, so the next main question he was trying to answer was: when both professors and Boshi are thinking about the meaning of life and the things that follow, what exactly does Bosch\'s painting mean, and modern audiences come and go with other numbers that are easier to identify.
\"The reason why it is called the Bosch dream is that I want to show him through the eyes of those who are fascinated and influenced by him,\" explained Tetris.
\"El Salvador Dali, for example, who, together with all these strange animals and plants, is involved in some sort of surreal adventure in the garden of the Earth.
And Jim Morrison, who is fascinated by Bosch.
After seeing a picture in the Louvre, he wrote The Ship of Fools.
This is a song on the show.
\"While Bosch\'s dream has cast its charm in 11 days in Montreal, there is a wealth of international and local performances, events and pop music --
There will be more performances in the city.
As film festival director Nadine marchanne said in a statement: \"Our work invaded the streets, the roof, the balcony, and transform the urban space of the quatitier Latin pole of the quatitier glasses into a huge open space.
Air Circus
In places close to the public, artists give HolyDenis St.
Emily Square-
It was a magical and celebratory atmosphere.
\"Some shows appear in the most unlikely places.
Take \"The Lion\" as an example. It will perform an intimate acrobatic performance in a mysterious apartment on July 4-14. (
Everything will be disclosed after purchasing the ticket. )
There is also an alternative to cutting
A Fringe circus show in La Chapelle on July 8-10 (3700 St-Dominique St. ).
Among the many free shows, 30-
Based on Volta\'s satire, 32 acrobats perform on the outdoor stage.
It plays at 7: 15 and 10: 15. m.
July 4-14 (Except July 8)
Jardine Ganlin near BarryUQÀM métro. (
July 4-14 at 2345 Jarry St. E. )
: The Québec City Troupe Circus machine returns to the film festival with its view of the world of fine arts.
The sterile atmosphere of a completely white gallery is transformed into vivid life by the movements of seven acrobats and a musician, and the real paint makes its own colorful splash. (
July 9-14 in théâst-Denis, 1594 St-Denis St. )
: In a recent performance by the German simulation company, the theater became an anarchy beer hall. A ukulele-
Diva and her partner drummer provided underground-
Inspired by music, acrobats reproduce the world of film stunts with confetti, pulsating lights and smoke.
Looking forward to confusion in this common Comedy
Made just to laugh. (
In TOHU on July 3-8)
: Choreographer Alexander Whitley teamed up with Gandini Juggling to combine dance and juggling.
And amazing tips for light changing High colors
The play \"flying balls and Rings\" is full of alternative British humor. (
In TOHU on July 10-14)
Five lifelong friends of the Columbia El nucleus troupe
Based in France)
Use their acrobatic skills on an almost bare stage to evoke memories of a childhood in the streets of Bogota.
Lighting effect and cloud of white powder (
Types used by athletes against sweaty hands)
Adds to the drama of the work, and sometimes adds humor. (
At Sal Claude in July 8-11Gauvreau, UQÀM)
: Collaboration between Dynamo th tre of Dynamo fàdeux roux and Guillaume Doin, a magical realism story about a person and his bike, home item recovery
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