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björk’s set designer chiara stephenson shares how cornucopia came to life at the shed

by:Marslite     2019-09-18
On the stage of the shed, Bjork is in her own world.
Icelandic Idol began living in the performance space in the Hudson Yard last night (
She will stay until June 1)
Her new show changed 17,000 of the venue. square-
The foot main theater, McCourt, has changed from a big black box to a fantasy world called Cornucopia.
Also, Björk is accompanied by the flutists of the quintet, the Hamrahlid Icelandic choir, the harp Katie Barkley, the percussion player Delago MANUU, the electronic musician Bergur Thorisson, who sings songs from 2017 to Utopia (
And some other tracks).
At the beginning of the show, the choir stood in front of the stage, behind a colorful striped curtain.
Soon the layers were stripped back, first showing the pure curtains of another projected video, and then showing the epitome of Bjork and other musicians on the stage (
Dressed in costumes designed by Iris van Herpen and Balman\'s Olivier rustening)
Move on a multi-level structure similar to mushrooms, anemones, or immatureto-
Species found
\"Nature is a huge source of inspiration,\" explains set designer Chiara Stephenson . \" His previous performances included the drama design of the Western District Drama \"star Messenger\" and \"Glen Rose\" to create the festival stage for Sampha and xx, and to design the Aria Awards performance of Lorde, etc.
\"The emotional side of nature, as well as the curves, organic forms and femininity in it.
This is like an exploration of perspective.
You know, Bjork is totally interested in nature and technology, where the two are combined, and how they are combined as we move forward.
Stephenson said her job was first to create a \"canvas\" for the vision of the program\'s creative director, Argentine filmmaker Lucia Martel \".
The set also acts as a text canvas for Tobias Graeme video art, projected onto the curtains in front of the stage, on the walls behind them, and even onto custom curtains
The Mixing Room was made, in which biyork and freuth disappeared from time to time.
\"We are working on a project using an unconventional material.
\"We\'re not just projecting onto the screen, we\'re projecting onto a fragile membrane,\" explains Stephenson . \".
The result is that Gremmler\'s rotating deformed image seems to surround the cornucopia environment.
\"His video art is very natural --
Based on, but this is an incredible example of how technology and numbers enhance the natural themes we know and take them to a new level park there, says Stephenson.
\"It\'s a little ethereal, I think.
In order to build the main structure of the stage, Stephenson was assisted by the British landscape artist Richard natbourne.
The whole scene gathered in London, where the initial rehearsal was performed, and then packed up and moved to the shed in New York City.
\"I think the vulnerability of the materials we use is surprising.
Usually, rock shows, they are the kind of big, butter and engineering, like, right angles and steel.
\"It has a very different, more subtle feeling,\" she explained, noting that she called for her past experience to ensure that the work was \"theater-sensitive, in contrast, this is a rock concert with videos.
While Stephenson has played a role in creating the world of Bjork and the dreams of the company, she thinks the singer is bigger --than-
The existence of life, let the program is what.
\"You can put Bjork on a blank stage with a light bulb and it will be a wonderful show,\" she joked . \".
\"I think we want to strengthen everything about her and everything about music.
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