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billie eilish: i feel like i’m a different person since i became famous

by:Marslite     2019-10-03
Billie Eilish says she has lost most of her friends since she became famous and is starting to receive treatment.
The 17-year-old American singer will make her debut in Glastonbury on Sunday night, adding that fame has changed her a lot and she feels like she is old and dead.
She told the Sunday Times magazine that 18 months ago she would say she had at least 15 really close friends and added: \"Maybe more.
Man, I used to have friends on friends and friends on friends.
I\'m so popular.
\"In contrast, she said she has one or two now.
\"People don\'t like my job.
I can\'t tell anyone about it.
\"Because it sounds like I\'m bragging, or it sounds like I\'m ungrateful,\" she said . \".
\"I \'ve already started treatment because it\'s the only one I can talk.
When asked whether trust has become a question, she replied: \"a huge question.
Last year, I thought some of the very close friends I could fully trust just used my name f **.
Then I complained.
\"I think if you\'re going to ride me, at least enjoy the ride, what are you all doing.
I don\'t know who to trust.
Eilish said she has been worried about whether she can judge whether a boy is really interested in her or just a high profile of her, but added: \"I think I understand
\"I know I found someone who is not.
When asked if she had a boyfriend, she nodded and said, \"Mm --hmm.
But no one knows.
Eilish also discussed the change in her heart after she became famous, saying: \"What people are saying is \'I am still me \'.
\"No, you\'re not, I think.
You really are not. Not at all.
To be honest, I feel like I\'m a different person.
\"When you see stories about children who have lived in the past, I feel that way.
I remember everything about who I am, but I don\'t know that person anymore.
\"When I was 16 years old, I died, and I became Bili Alish.
Before she made the breakthrough, she admitted that she was \"very jealous\" when her brother FINAS played a role in TV shows \"Glee\" and \"Modern Family\", she said
Not very good . . . . . .
When Finneas was the star of the family, it really didn\'t sit with me.
He is now working at asher producer, her father is her stage lighting director and her mother is her assistant.
\"I\'m in charge,\" she said.
But I have always been in charge.
It sounds annoying, but I\'m just overbearing like f.
I have always been the boss.
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