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bay of plenty schools head to smokefreerockquest heats

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
Fengsheng Bay School and Smokefreerockquest in Fengsheng Bay, which attends this year\'s regional preliminaries.
The competition was held in May 18 and has now been 31 years.
High School music events nationwide are expected to have record entries, from Whangarei to Invercargill, with preliminaries and finals in 21 regions across the country.
Smokefreerockquest runs at the same time as Smokefree Tangata Beats, aiming to cultivate Pasifika and Maori culture in a contemporary music environment.
All participants enrolled in schools in the region will perform on the professional stage.
They will experience a full set of stage lights, sounds, projected backgrounds and technical support in performances including professional guest bands and MC.
Glenn GM, founder and director, said the benefits of the contestants were more than just the rush of the day\'s performance.
\"The creativity, thought and work of preparing songs to be played on the day is huge, not just music skills.
All the students involved have a sense of pride and achievement.
\"From noon, the Plenty band Bay performing on May 18-
Tao Langa Boys College
Otumoetai CollegeHigh resolution-
Bethlehem College
West Highland High School-
Otomotai companyO. M. -Taupo-nui-a-
Collegetrooint, Tiya jewelry-
College background noise-Taupo-nui-a-
College bird house-
Otomotai College-Dee
Tao Langa Boys College-
Hills Bethlehem College-
Te Puke High School o. C. D -
Papamoa College-
Tao Langa women\'s college Papamoa College manugani Hill College good morning, good night-
Manugani Mountain College, the Ice Fire in the middle of manugani Mountain-
Rotorua Boys High School
Green Room-Te Puke High School
Mt Maunganui CollegeArmed goldfish-Taupo-nui-a-
Tia CollegeHurley caught a mouse.
The computer of Wright, the University of makenishan
Otsumoto College-
The atmosphere of Mount manugani College-
Bethlehem College
Eckum collegeau stream (
Non smoking Tangata beat)-
Cura Coppa Maurio ruama solo and two actsLouie Campbell-
University of catty-
Bethlehem College of the sea elephantTaupo-nui-a-CollegeRAW, Tiya jewelry-
ACG Tao langkatrina Porter-
Otsumoto College-
Hilton Bethlehem CollegeTaupo-nui-a-
Tia College
Harvey catty.
Rotolua boys high school jazz meal
Papamoa CollegeOscar Brady-
University of Bethlehem NashTaupo-nui-a-
Tongksi-Tiya College
Foreground noise-Taupo-nui-a-
Tia College Apollo West Highland
Rosaluwa Boys High School sauce
School prizes in Western Highlands non-smoking Tangata Beats solo-
The duo category for Smokefreerockquest will be named in heat, and the first 12 bands will be selected to perform in the Plenty final on June 29.
The live event lasted from May 4 to July 5, with the submission of footage from top regional bands and solo/solo teams as finalists, on September 14, he will play in the smokefroxter national final at the Bruce Mason center on the north shore of Auckland.
On September 21, the smoke-free Tonga Tower beat the national finals at the Vodafone Event Center in manucau.
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