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bauhaus bids for comeback

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
Guess who the latest band is.
The way back for old rock singers is Bauhaus, Bowie-influenced (
Not ashamed to show it)
The opposite of bloated 1970 guitar rock-no 20-
Sol drum solo, no neon pink-and-
Here\'s the orange laser show.
This weekend, Bauhaus kicked off in Hollywood. city U. S. reunion tour.
It turns out that its minimalist style is not so real because most people in their twenties are looking at Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, David J.
Kevin Haskins has the joy of doubt.
Bauhaus proves that he is a band that will not defeat the audience by playing new things that no one knows and everyone hates, insisting on its reliable catalogue ---
\"Double Adventure\", \"she was at the party\" and \"The death of Bella Lugosi\", which, of course, killed them as well.
Known for stage lighting (
Only the bright white light from above)
, The band expanded some sparse branches using colored lights, geometric stage backgrounds and different lighting angles.
Bauhaus finished filming in about 90 minutes. -
Give or take some time when they play \"we will come back if you make enough noise\" encore routine.
Murphy appeared a bit stiff on stage.
The acrobatic department, but there was an invention of the light bulb that caught everyone\'s attention.
Ash plays the body gracefully and is immersed in the heartbreaking \"Ziggy Stardust\", which makes the house collapse ---
Everyone knows this sentence.
The name of the groundbreaking gothic rock band comes from the German architectural/artistic movement. (
\"Bauhaus\" is a functional structure, which is itself an art, an original mixture of form and function, tempered by technology and art. )
The 1979-
The 1983 Regiment gave birth to Love and Rockets--with Ash, J. and Haskins--
In early 1980, Murphy began his solo career. (
He also moved to Turkey to become a Muslim and is currently learning Arabic.
However, his headscarf did not appear on palladium as in previous shows. )
The band never broke the top 100 on the Billboard charts, but its spirit is active-
Especially Anne Rice.
Read a book, slightly fat (
Black is slimming), pale-
People with skin in town
About 15 minutes later, Hollywood shows were sold out.
On September 11, Bauhaus held a trip to Reunion Island in New York.
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