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bangkok: a city of extremes

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
BANGKOK, Thailand-
Looking at the disco lights lighting up the spires of the un Arun Temple from the rooftop bar above the Chao Phraya River, I began to understand that I was a very tedious farang.
The white foreigner in plaid and blue jeans is a virgin in the world.
This is a good irony given the heavy traffic in Bangkok.
Since the smiling guide to albinism, Kob Kachonsittinoppakun, greeted me with \"sa-wa-dee-
Ka, likere-mi scale.
She and Canadian expat Andrew Clark, the smiling director of marketing for albinism, took me to Canada
With multiple transportation tours of the company, it is ambitious to compress the city\'s tourist attractions and hidden attractions into one day.
When she ordered juicy pineapples and fried bananas from a street stall, her lyrical chatter grew.
Every conversation is full of sincere enthusiasm.
No menu;
They are too organized and human.
\"People don\'t spend their time in it,\" said Andrew Clark with a smile . \".
\"I\'m never frustrated here because there\'s more interaction here.
There\'s everything on the street.
\"Related story: an insider guide to the perfect day in Bangkok was originally worked as a graphic designer in Bangkok.
\"My design is very good.
They want green as bright as rice fields.
The traffic route negotiated by Kachonsittinoppakun was much easier than I had negotiated alone, the route was brilliant and reminiscent of the proud festival parade.
Shiny pink taxi.
Lime three-wheeled motor tricycle
Zag and splash smoke.
Rainbow waterproof oil cloth protection shakes and complains long-tail boats.
\"You have to guess a lot in Bangkok,\" she said . \" She considered the right dock carefully.
This farang lost more than Waldo without her.
Google Maps offers a little respite.
Bargaining with tuk and boat drivers takes more patience than I do.
Kachonsittinoppakun its sport.
At wat sai (canals)
Before 100, the highway was the main highway in Venice, Asia, and the disjointed juice carton became a DIY mailbox nailed to the desert island tree.
Children splash in the red neighborhood with concern
The giant lizard that climbed out of the porch.
Wearing a small woman\'s wide straw hat wanders through the beer.
Clark plans to deliver a Champagne Cup to the guests.
Outside the flashing temples without any warning, fishing is prohibited, and groups of catfish serve food and soak tourists.
On the Golden Mountain, sasaket, a crystal flame flashes from the gold-plated paint roof.
I climbed 344 steps next to orange.
Hit a gong three times with robes, hoping to summon a mysterious beast. Beneath a 58-
I looked at the unbuilt city, a huge bell tilted like a skyscraper.
It\'s a bedroom for teenagers.
A bunch of buildings were thrown here and there.
The color of the Dabs needs strong cleaning.
There was a strange smell in the corner. Aromas U-
In the Pak Khlong Talat market, turn from a stagnant protein shaker to fresh jasmine and coriander.
We went through the single file and I became a poor Indiana Jones.
It\'s not a huge stone that evades the rolling, but a basket that laughs lightly at the Thai people spinning, enough for them to sit inside.
In a \"sanitized\" mall next door, Clark mourned the old wharf warehouse destroyed to build another Starbucks.
We arrived in Chinatown.
Strange fig tree wrapped in tie
The other tree was dyed with a scarf.
In a decadent spiritual mansion, the former residents of the land are provided with red Fanta bottles and complex statues.
\"We showed a lot to our customers.
Sometimes they need a place to think . \"The 17-
An experienced tour guide and former archaeological students open a broken door and uncover a 240-year-
This is the old ancestral house. It is now a cafe and a diving school.
We found it and the cheerful owner looked surprised.
This is a disappointment. an-alley-round-a-corner-through-a-door-knock-
Everyone likes to call their place.
\"I want to yell and tweet, but I\'m afraid I\'ll ruin it,\" Clark said . \".
There is a corrugated sheet of metal on the roof.
The new layers suppress the old ones like the hanged figs.
\"It will take you a lifetime to see Bangkok,\" says Kachonsittinoppakun . \".
\"After five years, everything is different.
\"In the evening, our tour guide will entertain guests at the Chinatown snack bar on Yao valite Road. like an all-
Buffet of abused inclusive hotel.
I tried to finish the noodles and made a pleasant mistake by mentioning that I like ducks.
Kachonsittinoppakun ordered a plate of wheels, crispy
It\'s pink inside.
The benefits and man-made
The curse of this intimate tour is how fast the Kachonsittinoppakun customizes the experience for the tastes of guests.
\"When you meet a friend, you ask \'Hello \'?
We asked you if you were hungry?
Have you tried it? \"She explained.
I tried the Bird\'s Nest, apparently a dessert treat. For me, an ice-
Cream other than strawberries is bold.
Under the mild protest, I drank the sugar soup of dried bird saliva.
It could be worse.
It may be durian sulfate.
Coconut and mango glutinous rice can clean my palette. We eat mid-
Except in Krua Apsorn.
The menu is laminated plastic and the price of the dish is about 160 baht ($6 Canadian).
After eating the home-cooked dishes, I share the masaman beef reluctantly.
\"Cooking is a test for Thai women,\" says Kachonsittinoppakun . \".
\"Fifteen spices. I cannot do it.
\"It\'s a nice scoop of Sunday dinner stew and a rich Asian Curry.
There is no competition for spices, they complement the balance.
\"Thai food is balanced,\" she added . \"Extremes co-
There are other places.
Massage parlors and Buddhist temples.
Dim khlongs and bright decor.
Even the last two of us were in conflict. Khaosan Rd. , a year-
Round student party and peaceful bar at the top of Sarah Allen hotel.
I was exhausted and fed a ginger and lemon grass, and in the evening I watched a mix of Wat Phra, the Eiffel Tower and the Giza pyramids.
Bangkok has changed your world view like a virgin enjoying a dazzling new experience.
The color looks bolder and loses innocence, you just want to do it again and get better prepared.
Part of David Bateman\'s moderator is a smiling albinism patient who has not reviewed or approved any aspect of the story.
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Walking around: it\'s cheap and convenient to travel by bike, train, taxi and motorcycle.
Khlong boat and tuk are a little tricky unless you have a guide who can give specific instructions and negotiate a fair price.
Stay at any hotel by the river.
Most people will have their own private khlong boat to take you to the central area.
If the money is OK, Mandarin Oriental (
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A good choice.
If you want a hotel with moderate price and reasonable price, try Chatrium (chatrium. com).
Eat everywhere.
Krua Apsorn and Baan Phadthai sitdown meal.
Yaohua Road in Chinatown
Street food, delicious though-the-
Go food is on every second corner.
Do your research: Bangkok section of the Thailand tourism website (Travel to Thailand. org)
Provide information about traffic and what to do.
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