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Some people visit museums, monuments and scenic spots.
I mainly go to dinner.
And the conspiracy of othersthe-
Around the church and the ruins, I focus on the food blog and the opening hours of the restaurant.
Eating is the best way to explore new places, and in most cases the quest starts at home.
For my first visit to Malaysia, it started with various restaurants in Soho and then met Eddie Lin, Malaysia\'s most convincing unofficial ambassador to London.
He urged me to say, \"You have to go . \"
\"Malaysia really represents the first fusion food in the world-Malay, Chinese and Indian.
\"A month later, I was sitting on the giant terrace in Singapore, covered with residue from a pot of chili crab on my face and hands, ready for a bus trip to Kuala Lumpur.
Obviously, I stopped at a stop in neighboring countries just for dinner.
I spoke with a few foodie friends including New York to prepare for my trip
Fashion designer Zang Toi from Malaysia.
Zang has its own restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Zang Toi cafe.
When I told him that I was going to his hometown, he arranged for his brother to meet Luen toi, to have a dinner for me at the cafe, the specials of his family
Malaysia is more than any other country I have been to and live during the meal time.
The locals don\'t ask you how it is when they see you, and they ask, \"Have you eaten ? \"?
\"The toyi family is full of advice:\" go overseas and fill the Ducks with herbs.
And freshwater shrimp. \" Mid-fork-
Look, Luen, hand me his phone.
Zang, who came from New York, said: \"You have to fly to gillantan! For the curry!
\"I don\'t have time to go to Kelantan.
As a matter of fact, my trip in Kuala Lumpur is very tight and I also want to go to Malacca and Langkawi.
Too much food and too little time.
Kuala Lumpur is a hot shopping center. Heavy traffic-
A crowded Asian metropolis.
It\'s one of the few places in Asia where you can find five.
Star palace is about 100 a night.
I wanted to stay in the middle of the skyscraper so stayed at the Ritz Hotel
Carlton, many homes-
Love the power of China
Li yen at lunch.
Next, I moved to the iconic twin towers and moved to Mandarin Oriental, which covers every dining base, including restaurants you never thought about (
Does anyone have chocolate sushi? ).
During the day, the neighboring twin-star building looks like a glittering silver background in the metropolis of Fritz Lang.
After dark, from the smooth Club Floor of Mandarin Oriental, they sparkled like diamonds and glow like Emerald City.
I spent a day traveling in Kuala Lumpur with Adly Rizal
Founder of the Malaysian food website fridchili. com.
Adly is a street. food obsessive.
We drove to the Forbidden City and stopped behind dozens of other cars in Jalan Istana.
\"Everyone is here for the same reason that everyone has their own favorite booth,\" Adly said . \" As we walked through the smoke to a row of crumbling outdoor cafes.
We ate squid and mackerel fish with spicy marinade wrapped in banana leaves.
About 1 pound per dish.
The 50 scenes are quite spectacular-from family to fashion students and businessmen, there are 60 to 70 people who are all eating delicious barbecues and pans
Fried seafood, women with headscarves counted in front of the checkout counter.
\"Don\'t be misled by humble circumstances,\" Adly said . \".
\"These people are millionaires.
\"From here, we went to the satellite city of Kuala Lumpur, Badaling, and ate rice and rice --
Fried pigeons on banana leaves of Raju\'s.
Here you can wash your hands in the outdoor sink and your fingers can act as tableware.
For inexperienced people, it is a messy thing to send rice to your mouth with a fork.
Raju was buzzing all day, but the breakfast was extremely busy and when the ground cheered for roti canai, it was a flat bread with dhal.
To eat the pudding, we went to the Chelo\'s Appam booth at a small and crazy food market in Rongrong La --Kiri 3.
Appam is made of flour, fermented overnight, plus regular or coconut milk and brown sugar, and tastes like cream from garteloniyat.
Although we are full, we continue to do new shopping.
Shopping center cafe run by mother-and-
Team-Mel, daughter of mother and chef.
This is a perfect example of what Adley said about the Renaissance: The menu consists of Portuguese
All Mel\'s own recipes have been affected.
We tasted Mel\'s famous Devil curry-a chicken dish with pepper horns on the surface-and drank a jelly rose salad with basil seeds that tasted like a liquefied Turkish cuisine.
After a whole day of eating, I can only enjoy my trip in the evening food market Jalan Alor in the city center with my eyes.
But it\'s a visual and dramatic feast, and you can imagine: disco lights wrapped around trees, neon tubes dripping from branches, to plastic tables, chicken wings and corn sticks moaning. The pre-
The night club dinner crowd slowly gave way to the broken and greedy afterparty brigade.
I fought with a durian cream puff-a known foul --
The fruit, which smells good, is banned by public transportation and taxis.
After a few days of shopping and grazing, I left the glittering skyline of Kuala Lumpur to travel to Malacca, Malaysia\'s oldest city, and the most iconic hotel in town-the Majestic Malacca.
The lobby and restaurant are located in the beautiful colonial area and serve exquisite Peranakan dishesera building.
Tiles, ceiling fans, and quaint, elegant furniture are all the most memorable vintage styles, while the bedrooms are dark --wood four-posters.
Here, I took part in a Nyonya cooking class and made chicken pongteh with sucrose, candanut, scallions and black beans, then strolled along the canal and passed
A circled tourist ship heading to the historic city center.
Not like many super
A modern Asian city, it is easy to imagine that the old alleys around Jonker Street in Malacca still form the center of the city, even if the large shopping malls lurk outside several streets and cannot see.
This is a pleasant and strange place to mix the visual themes of China and Portugal with the unexpected Alpine qualities around the bridge.
Temple, funeral home, market and endless streets
Food options: during lunch time, 100 people lined up outside the most popular chicken rice ball vendor.
In the evening, more people lined up outside the Capitol to eat delicious marinated chicken legs with bamboo poles.
Every visitor wants to go to Nancy\'s kitchen, which has the chicken on the delicious niangia citronella chicken bone, even if the upstairs room with bad light is not cute compared to the vintage antique color on the first floor.
If you can\'t find a decent table, it\'s worth a visit to buy a box of pineapple cakes to take away.
Later, I turned the wrong corner and found myself at a loss in front of an oversized two --
Entrance to T-, toilet bowl and water tank on floor
The first toilet in the world --
Themed restaurant.
My desire for kitsch was as strong as my desire for the best restaurant, so I ventured in for a bowl of black pepper sauce udon and a glass of fluorescent stuff.
Everything is in the toilet.
The shape of the plate on the table, the rubber duck and toothbrush are placed under the glass surface. The seats?
Not clean toiletThe food? Beyond belief;
It seems that the theme may extend to the kitchen.
After being crazy in Malacca, I flew to Langkawi, one of Malaysia\'s most beautiful resort islands.
This is the place for KL\'s honeymoon: men in shorts and flip-flops, women in rolling black.
You can see Thailand from some beaches, and the taste you will experience on the plate thanks to its neighbors.
There is a barbecue cafe in town, but Langkawi is where you come to eat.
I allocated my time between the Bunton countryside, the colorful Malay house and the more traditional and luxurious Four Seasons.
Both hotels have the best restaurants on the island.
At Nam restaurant in Bon Ton, I had a great Nyonya platter while a nice black cat-this is from on-
Cat Sanctuary-dozing off on my leg.
At four seasons, I ate a curry crab with papaya and traditional Islands.
The entire coconut steamed bass style is in the most elegant tropical restaurant.
Another night, I ate at The Gulai House in Tai, the most remote resort on the island.
Once again, it is excellent-a mix of Malay and Indian, dressed-up open-
Jungle environment in the air.
On my last day in Malaysia, despite my strong demand for quiet adults to stay --
There was only an unlimited pool and cocktail list and I took another cooking class-four seasons style.
Working with pre
The ready part
Like watching TV, I made my own lunch (sort of)
: Made a chicken satay appetizer for me, and after I made a Gulai prawn dish with pineapple, \"one we prepared earlier\" served
A monkey I saw playing in the tree next to the spa earlier that day may have passed the course, but I didn\'t complain.
If you cook like this at home.
If there is a beautiful beach after the pudding, it would be nice.
The author travels as a guest of Singapore Airlines (0844 800 2380;
Singapore Airlinescom)
Connecting with Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi in Singapore through its subsidiary Silk Air (silkair. com).
Flight back from 875.
Malaysia Airlines0871 423 9090;
Malaysia Airlinescom)flies non-
Travel from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur.
Stay in thereRitz-Carlton, KL (
00 60 2 2142 8000ritzcarlton. com).
696 ringgit doubles (£144), room only.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur (
00 60 2380 8888;
Mandarin Oriental. com).
648 ringgit doubles (£133)
Only the Majestic Malacca (0800 9899 9999; www. Majesticmalacca. com).
390 ringgit doubles (£81), room only.
Bonton resort Langkawi (Langkawi)
00 60 955 1688; bontonresort. com).
650 ringgit doubles (£135), B&B.
Four Seasons Hotel Langkawi (
00 60 950 8888; fourseasons. com).
2,424 ringgit doubles (£503), room only.
Eat and drink thereJumbo seafood restaurant, Singapore00 65 6265 8626; jumboseafood. com. sg).
Zang Toi cafe Kuala Lumpur (
00 60 2145 7701; zangtoicafe. com).
Raju\'s Kuala Lumpur (
00 60 3 795 61361).
Kuala Lumpur, simple Mel (
00 60 224 14525; simplymels. com).
The parliament building of Malacca (
00 60 6 283 5508).
Nancy\'s kitchen, Malacca (
00 60 6 283 6099). T-Bowl, Malacca (
00 60 12 452 4934; t-bowl. com).
Langkawi Gulai House (
00 60 959 2500; dataihotels. com).
Malaysia: travel. gov.
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