arsonists torch autistic boy\'s christmas gift

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
An arson attack destroyed a sensory room that prepared Christmas gifts for severely autistic boys and was condemned as a \"crime of nausea and cowardice \".
Fiona and Wesley Ratcliffe from Woodhouse Park, Wiesen shawwood, Manchester have transformed the summer house into a safe game space for their seven in the past two weeks. year-
Harvey, the old son of rare genetic disease.
They had planned to take Harvey to the sensory room for the first time on Christmas Day, but found it destroyed in an arson attack the night before.
Wesley Ratcliffe, 32, said: \"Everyone has been destroyed.
We have family from Scotland.
They put money into helping us build it.
They all came down and looked at his face.
\"We were all shocked.
The consequences of what may happen.
So close to the House-
I think we\'re lucky.
A guinea pig next to the Summer Palace was also ignited, but the two guinea pigs escaped unscathed.
Mr. Ratcliff, a support worker for an adult with autism, said: \"We bought this summer house at the beginning of the month to prepare it for Christmas.
\"Because Harvey was a Manchester City fan, we drew it, put the floor down, put the lights in, decorated it with pictures, and painted it as sky blue.
This is just where he can go when he is in trouble.
I made the final polish on Christmas Eve.
But on Christmas morning, Mr. Ratcliffe found the summer house burnt out by fire.
\"The disco lights and digital radios were stolen,\" he said.
We put soft mats inside, which were completely burned by the fire.
The bean bag chairs, small stools and easels were also destroyed.
\"My point is that we\'re not targeted, but it\'s just a random attack.
It may just be an exception to some drunk teenagers.
My wife was really upset and she was afraid to be alone with the kids at home.
Detective Jane Curran said: \"This family is really heartbreaking, like the rest of the whole Greater Manchester family, when they wake up on Christmas Day, i\'m really looking forward to seeing his Christmas present for their son.
\"No matter who did it, there is no morality.
\"It\'s a disgusting and cowardly crime and I really want anyone who might see anything or have any information about it to contact us.
\"Thankfully, we think the weather has put out the fire overnight, otherwise we may be dealing with more serious incidents.
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