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by:Marslite     2019-09-01
In theory, a serious nightclub meeting is actually a good form of exercise: a whole body exercise that contains all the major muscle groups that will make your heart beat faster, it will also impress you when you try to impress the handsome guy across the dance floor.
In practice, a lot of vodka cocktails are needed first to push most people onto the dance floor and then late-night refuel at the Chicken Cottage (or worse)
Activities that make it less healthy.
But for those of us who love music and are looking for new ways to tune, there is good news: a sober rant is the hottest new fitness trend around.
It will come to a city near you.
From the promise of letting us enjoy the \"morning exercise\" of the day to the more well-designed fitness courses we hope to replace (
Or at least improve)
A standard girl goes out at night and \"dance with your heart\" is now popular.
But what is the reality of a sober club?
I\'m the devil on the dance floor at one o\'clock A. M (I’m sure)
But have faith in my margar tower?
In the \"dry Carnival\", will the refueling action stick to it?
A participant glowing
Painting in a black light yoga class, there is only one way to find: convince my friends to dress up in a variety of different fitness carnival places and come down with me, while trying to keep us away from Beno Grigio.
\"You don\'t need to drink to have fun on the dance floor,\" the organizer told me . \".
\"The energy and tune of the crowd will make you go soon and you will feel great and it is really the most fun way to exercise your body.
So, when the DJs gave up the latest \"mass\" tunes, they now spent hours doing the downward dog pose, at six o\'clock A. M. , watching the boy with shoulder pads swing around the basement of East London, throw the shape with the best shoulder pads, this is what I learned . . . . . .
For any reason, getting up before six o\'clock A. M. is a big requirement.
Taking a disco dance on public transport before good morning UK starts is a real test of yourselfconfidence (
If there is no interesting part, it is likely to arouse a sense of shame).
Dancing in the dark is easier than dancing during the day. Fact.
Unless I\'m on the beach on Ibiza, I don\'t want anyone to look at my movements as the sun rises.
No one is a friend of the studio.
For those of us who lack confidence in dance skills/fitness, the events held in the dark are a revelation for people of all ages, the size and fitness standards are really relaxing, enjoy music like a normal nightclub.
Dancing on numbers is safe, it\'s more fun to be with friends, and dancing is sobering.
Surrounded by friends who have already seen your best and worst on the disco floor, this means that you can do your thing without judgment.
Fitness vs fun classes with format and coach (
Rather than the general \"dance \")
If you\'re aiming for fitness instead of entertainment, it\'s best.
When people are not drunk, they actually look much better. It\'s not surprising that sober groups take longer to warm up, but once the chat starts, I find that people will be more friendly, engaged and more fragrant.
It turns out that you don\'t need to have classes every night, which is a great way to start a night.
We ended up drinking a lot less than we knew at the bar work, felt like we had a lot more good time together, and we were more smug the next morning.
My conclusion is: you don\'t need to drink when you dance.
But you do need the right people, music and lighting to make a conscious club a viable option to go to the gym/bar/bed.
Above: A four best, tried and tested dawn session 1.
The morning light carnival started at 6: 00 in the morning light.
30am, held at hip city space/club, the Morning Glory party is designed to make you feel like a suitable party with a massage station.
They said, \"Carnival your way into the day: we\'re in a soul-
Shake the mission, turn the club upside down and turn the morning into something really amazing.
\"Atmosphere/judgment: a family-
A friendly club experience will make you feel refreshed.
The crowd is a cool combination of real raver, festival lovers and good-looking trust-fund kids.
Can it be used as exercise?
Yes, if you like music (
Lots of happy houses and discotheques).
My friends and I started bouncing like idiots from seven o\'clock A. M. until our buzz --
Kill the boss and start calling to ask where we are.
Participation: Tickets start at 8 and there will be parties in Brighton, Leeds, Liverpool, Dublin and London. 2.
It\'s another dawn.
Work dance (7am-9am)
This is for cool kids.
Founded in New York in 2013, Daybreaker now hosts parties in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and London, and plans to launch in more cities this year.
They said that the meeting of the sky was like a \"friendly family gathering\": \"Dry
Before breaking up with someone we love one day, rave is an idea about dancing.
On cultivating a community that values friendship and self
Expression, health, instant . . . . . . And prank.
\"Vibe/verdict: a friendly family party with strange bursts of live music and random props.
The participants in the Hoxton event I attended include good-
Looks like the locals, friends of the founders and office staff in strange confusion.
More intimate than the morning glory, so it\'s better to go with a large group of people to help you maintain your energy level.
Can it be used as exercise? No.
Rather than burning calories, this party is more about the atmosphere of heart and happiness.
Participation: Tickets start at £ 12 including coffee, juice and proteinpacked snacks.
The next British party is March 18. 3.
Zumba health club
Dance class featuring classic club tunes, disco lights and glow sticks.
They said: \"go out to exercise at night. Fun, easy-to-
Follow the dance fitness program using carnival glow sticks, from more than 90 classics to the latest leaderboard hits, teach in dark rooms with disco lights.
\"Vibe/verdict: A powerful and dynamic woman --
Friendly fitness classes for dance music lovers at all fitness levels are welcome.
Bring your best friends, your colleagues, and even your mom.
Can it be used as exercise? Definitely. My (fittest)
At the end of the day, my friends and I were sweating, but still smiling.
Participation: National courses from £ 8. 4.
Black and light yogaFlowing wine)
Yoga classes practice in dark rooms with a mix of trance, family and electronic music.
In the black light yoga class, they reached out to find the stars and said, \"the yoga Carnival is to let the yoga lovers go to the carnival and let the yoga lovers go to the carnival.
The sound of vision, movement, and music, which is a night, it touches every part of the body and mind.
\"Vibe/verdict: Experienced yogis, experienced ravers and almost all-between.
Recommend some previous yoga experience. The 90-
In addition to meditation and gong healing, Minute class provides cool DJ sets to make your heart hippie.
Can it be used as exercise?
Yes, a fancy yoga class.
Participation: The course costs 30.
This summer, they will also attend the breath, wilderness and Secret Garden Festival.
What to wear during the day carnival 1.
Statement leggings: disco legs in American clothing, trendy sweat
Sweat fabric for more sports courses.
Marksandspencer, a flash print leggings currently selling for £ 15. com 2.
Colorful Sneakers: If your regular gym outfit is positive, then the easiest way to guide the carnivalto-toe black. Multi-
Reebok 45 color sneakers. co. uk 3.
Hood: to make you comfortable (
Hide the hair on the bed
In the early beginning.
Charlie Cohen victory hoodie, 350, Charlie-cohen. com 4.
Cool sports bra: essential for proper dance.
Best DIY clothing
Cut vest.
Bodyism print bra, £ 60, neta-porter.
Is Com inspired by fitness?
Be: Fit London, organized by Telegraph events, is the only event dedicated to women\'s health and fitness. May 1-
Islington, London.
Telegram readers can book tickets for £ 15 for a limited period of time.
Telegram from BeFitLondon.
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