arduino based disco lights

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
This tutorial demonstrates the Arduino basics of using two continuously flashing LED lights.
You will need the following sections :---1)Arduino Uno (
Any version of Arduino can be used)2)2 Led\'s3)Breadboard4)
Wires5) breadboard
The Led works at 3v DC.
The Arduino board makes it easy to draw the led.
It must be remembered that the short leg of the led is-
The negative & longer led is positive.
Fix the Led as shown in the figure. 1)
Connect the ground of the Led to the GND pin of the Arduino. 2)
Connect the ve of an Led to the 12-pin of the Arduino. 3)Connect -
The second Led of arduin4 to the ve of 11 pins)
Connecting the USB cable from the computer to ArduinoBelow is the code to run the disco light using two LEDs.
Upload the code to Arduino :---
/* Disco lights turn on 1st LED for one second and then turn on 2nd Led for one second repeatedly. */void pinM }
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