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by:Marslite     2019-09-28
On Thursday night, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appeared in a performance at the Montreal band Arcade Fire Canada Air Center.
OK so it\'s not actually RoFo, it\'s a guy in a fat suit who wears a video box on his head and plays Ford\'s picture in an Arcade Fire song called \"wait.
\"It\'s great, it\'s great, how do you do everything you do!
\"Sang the band\'s lead singer, Win Butler, when he escorted artificial Ford out of the stage at the end of his energetic 90-year-old song that started encore --
A minute in front of 14,000 fans.
Apart from the complaints of the mayor of Toronto, independent art
After attending the Oscars recently, rock singers seem excited about returning to Canada, and some of their members have already been nominated for her.
\"It\'s easy to forget this little fortress of freedom,\" said people in Texas . \"
Born Butler explained that he saw signs like \"Mandela in hell\" at the Oscars, and even worse.
\"It\'s good to get home!
\"Of course, the fire of the arcade seems to be intent on getting everyone out of the many songs of the Haitian rhythm --
The inspired album, Reflektor, has more than a few hip swings.
Butler\'s wife and colleagues joined him on a dance mission.
Lead singer Regen chassagan
Richard Reid Parry, an instrumental performer at Tim Kingsbury (Win’s bro)
Will Butler and Jeremy Gallas-and more musicians, Sarah Newfield, as well as Owen palette, percussion instrument performer, Deere Edmund, tiwill Du, who often works together
None of them wasted their time tapping their toes.
About half of the band after the launch in the evening, the more my body is stripped, the more cage I have on my body
On the stage on the floor, someone once wore the famous Reflektor suit in the song video through the crowd.
\"Thank you for your dress, you look really beautiful tonight!
\"On the big stage of the band, Win Butler said there was a huge lighting device on the stage, a back screen and a cellular side screen.
The band won the Grammy\'s Best Album for the suburbs in 2011 and asked fans to put on \"clothes or formal attire\", \"a lot of people were first spotted in the ACC\'s hallway and would love to help.
From there, it\'s an old song like neighbor 3 (Power Out)and Rebellion (Lies)
When members of the Arcade Fire play different instruments on stage, it really lights up the crowd. “Let’s dance!
Show your stuff!
\"Butler said before the new song of our existence that the song is also with other Reflektor songs, like the afterlife, and will never end (Hey Orpheus)
With Chassagne in B-
The stage of the latter tune.
The Arcade Fire also paid tribute to fellow Canadian Constantine, performing the cover of their song little lion, which Butler stressed would not exist without them or hidden cameras.
The show ended with victory, only one step away from the two-hour mark.
After the 2004 premiere of the funeral, after the explosion of confetti, ribbons and steam, the new song is over, right in the evening, just before it.
Arcade Fire will return to Toronto for its second performance on August.
At the Molson Amphitheater.
List of collections: My body is cagereflektorflashulb eye shadow 3 (Power Out)Rebellion (Lies)
Joan of ArcRococo (
A little Damn Ball)
From the suburbs to Block 1 (Tunnels)
Our life has never ended. Hey Orpheus)Sprawl II (
Mountains outside the mountains)
ENCORE: normal Lion (
Constantine cover)
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