apple iphone 8 plus camera test: slight improvements from 7 plus

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
Manhattan Beach, California—
Let\'s get to the point now.
If you \'ve been thinking about dropping last year\'s iPhone 7 Plus, buy a new iPhone, especially the 8 Plus (
Starting at $799)
Or because the camera is new and improved, the iPhone X will be launched at novemberbecuse, which is the bottom line.
The new camera is really a little better.
But it\'s hard for most consumers to see the difference.
Test of BasicsOur and iPhone monthly plus (
Almost the same camera as in iPhone X)
Slightly better in color and clarity and can be used with smooth Super Rock
Improved the slow motion feature of the iPhone 7 Plus and provided some software tips to make your portrait look more professional.
In addition, both 8 Plus and X have new A11 \"bionic\" chips, the fastest processor ever for the iPhone, which is expected to be high faster
Strength 4 k video file.
In addition to making phone calls, surfing the Internet and playing games, photography has become a major selling point for new smartphones, and every new model released by the manufacturer has their best camera ever.
That\'s what Google announced last year on Pixel, where Samsung has a new Galaxy S8 and now Apple.
These three cameras are really incredible.
They now have better image quality than point-and-shoot cameras, they are always with us and thus give us more tools to take photos.
I think the iPhone 7 Plus is Apple\'s best camera so far, so for the purpose of this story I chose to compare the 7 Plus to the 8 Plus.
Please keep in mind that Apple introduced a new concept in 2016
Lens System for Plus car owners, offering standard 28mm wideangle lens (
Same as on standard iPhone)
With a 56mm \"portrait\" lens, it provides a more professional look for people\'s photos.
Consumers who buy Plus instead of smaller iPhones can get dual cameras, as well as larger 5 cameras.
The smaller 5 inch LCD screen for iPhone 7 and 8 4. 7 inch. The same dual-
The lens system is back to the 8 Plus and the new iPhone X version, the status-of-the-
An art model will be launched in November.
In addition, X has some new photo features, including faster portrait lenses with optical image stabilization, and edge-to-edge screen.
Here, in the attached video, we show you many back-to-back lenses for the iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus.
I don\'t think most consumers can find the difference.
My Facebook fans certainly can\'t see it on most of the pictures I posted over the weekend.
This photo right below the lifeguard station is indeed visible to many people.
The lens for the IPhone 8 Plus is on the right and the iPhone 7 Plus is on the left.
Video has improved, but the video on the iPhone 7 Plus is also wonderful.
The 8 Plus has several new recording modes: 4 k resolution of 24 frames per second, or 60 frames, both of which are suitable for different movie appearances, and a new Slo-
Mo mode, 240 frames per second.
This is some of the smoothest, slowest Slo-
Mo we have seen so far.
This is higher than possible on the 7 Plus, with the 7 Plus reaching 240 p at 720 frames per second.
See the example below.
Low light apple says the 8 Plus performs better than the 7 Plus in case of insufficient light.
We are on the beach at 5: 30. m.
Ready to Test.
Conclusion: Yes, it does well with low light, but so does the iPhone 7 Plus. At 5:55 a. m.
All of our images look bad, noisy, darkOn two devices
As you can see in the photo above. But at 6:29 a. m.
Once the light begins to enter our time, things begin to improve fundamentally.
Here is an example.
It\'s too early, and the lights are still on at Manhattan Beach Pier.
The IPhone 8 Plus is on the left and the 7 Plus is on the right.
The color of the 8 Plus is slightly richer.
Apple has launched a cool new software feature called Portrait, which applies DSLR like a blurry background to the people and things you shoot.
For 8 Plus, Apple has added five new features to its portrait, which it calls \"nature, silhouette, studio, stage and black and white \".
\"Simply reduce the face, increase contrast, and in the most dramatic look, eliminate the background that puts the focus directly on your theme.
The examples below are nature, studio, stage and black and white.
That\'s how the Iphone 8 Plus saw photographer Tony Prince, who graciously agreed to pose for us at 6 in the morning. m. at the beach.
The profile features are brighter as you know, but it\'s a bit more for me.
I prefer nature.
The stage lighting works very well when it works.
None of our attempts were perfect.
After knowing the facts, these features are also available: you don\'t have to wear them during the shooting.
But you might think
Mail the original to yourself, make a copy, and then decide which one you prefer.
Apple has introduced new photo/video file formats for owners of new ios 11 and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices. HEIC and .
HEVC, I hope the file size is smaller and the compression effect is better.
But be careful.
I had a lot of problems transferring these files to my MacBook, Dropbox, and Google Photos that were not read at first.
Also, you can\'t open it at the moment.
HEIC files in Photoshop, industry standard for photo editing.
We offer you two solutions: on your iPhone, go to Settings, photos, scroll down all the way to the last entry, go to Mac or PC, and select auto.
This will ensure that the file is used. JPGs and . MOVs, not as . HEIC and . HEVC files.
Secondly, I downloaded this.
The HEIC converter, which completes the work and brings the file. JPG form.
Bottom line 8 Plus has the best camera Apple has released so far and works beautifully in a variety of different conditions.
It is a miracle that it can do so much.
But if you have a 7 Plus right now and want to change it to a new and better camera, my suggestion is to keep what you have unless you just want to spend money.
The difference between the old camera and the new camera is small, and the most striking feature is portrait
All kinds of free photo apps, especially Adobe Lightroom Mobile or Snapseed from Google, can realize mode software skills.
8 Plus is a great phone but got a brand new phone in a few weeks
New design and better camera. . .
If you \'ve heard this before, stop me. Readers—
What do you think about the new iPhone 8 Plus camera?
Let\'s have a chat on Twitter @ jeffersongraham.
To see more photos and videos, I invite you to visit my website and check it out carefully.
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