apple iphone 8, iphone x, watch unveiled: as it happened

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Apple (AAPL)
On Tuesday, Apple\'s latest iPhone was unveiled with three new iPhones, as well as an updated version of the Apple Watch and Apple TV.
The tech giant\'s annual launch was the first public event in Apple\'s Steve Jobs auditorium, a 1,000-
It is reported that at the company\'s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, the price of each leather seat is $14,000.
Here is the progress of Tuesday\'s event. (
Timestamp for EDT).
For more Apple reports, please visit the live blog of CNET\'s event. 3:07 p. m. --
Reporter Sascha Segan pointed out that even if there is a mobile phone service, there is no iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 3 is not available.
Consumers who want to avoid paying two bills will be disappointed.
With FaceID, the police can point your phone to your face while you\'re handcuffed, and then browse your phone without a warrant. —
Momon (yera)@BostonJerry)
September 12, 2017 2:56m. --
At the end of the speech, Cook invited participants to attend in person
Try out new products in the room.
To sum up, this is everything the company introduced today: Apple\'s new iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple Watch and 35 photos of more than 2: 54m. --
Apple\'s face recognition technology has received mixed results.
Gary Kasparov called it \"a real threat to an authoritarian state \".
Others point out that it is used in places including the United StatesK.
Identify the people who participated in the protest, even--in China --jaywalkers.
Artificial intelligence recognition of face, speech, gait, etc.
This is a real threat in authoritarian countries eager to identify protesters.
New technology, new challenges. —
Gary Kasparov (@Kasparov63)
Face recognition in September 12, 2017 has been used
Identified and publicly humiliated by China. . . 2/—Clare Garvie (@ClareAngelyn)
September 12, 2017 2:51m. --
At the end of the speech, Jobs was quoted as saying.
\"I slipped to where the puck was going, not where it had already been.
\"Popular News Joe Biden led the CBS News poll, with controversial police videos having a massive power outage,\" Schiller said. Hong Kong protesters \"this is what the iPhone X means \".
Here is a summary of all the new phones Apple is launching, and the price of the existing model: iPhone X price2: 50 pm. --
The baseline model for IPhone X costs $999 with 64 gb of storage-
About $70 higher than its main rival Galaxy Note 8.
There are also models of 256 GB.
Pre-orders begin on October. 27;
The phone was shipped on November. 3.
IPhone X Preview for CNET2: 48 pm. --
Video time for rerecording iPhone X features: Waterproof, all-
Glass screen, FaceID.
\"Now, your iPhone can recognize you even in the dark.
\"It makes your face your security password,\" said a British male . \"accented voice. AirPower2:45 p. m. --
To meet the power needs of all these new devices, there is a charging board that can handle multiple devices-
Watch, iPhone, and even wireless earplugs.
Called AirPower, it will be launched in 2018. 2:43 p. m. --
Battery life--
The root of many iPhone users.
Schiller promised that the new battery would last longer.
But more. 2:42 p. m. --
Looking back, Schiller reviewed the camera features of the iPhone: better flash, better low brightness
Out-of-the-box lighting performance and stage lighting.
There will also be Portrait Lighting for selfies.
\"The selfies you can take will surprise people,\" he said . \".
Animojis, AR2: 40 pm. --
Ferriji recorded a series of information that became a vivid talking animal (
Foxes and aliens. )
Apple shares are about $1.
Open below 09 on Tuesday.
Wall Street was not impressed. 2:38 p. m. --
In partnership with Snapchat, Apple launched facial coverage ---
Similar to the snapshot filter.
Craig federridge, senior vice president of software engineering, demonstrated this. 2:32 p. m. --
Now, the user controls the animated emoji with their face: \"Animojis.
\"They can find it in the message.
iPhone X2:31 p. m. --
FaceID can also be used with password app 1 Password, Apple Pay and any third party-
Schiller said the party app for TouchID has been accepted. 2:30 p. m. --
The possibility of a random person sharing your TouchID is one of 50,000 points, says Schiller.
For FaceID, it\'s one in a million. 2:24 p. m. --
Apple iPhone X unlocks by identifying your face.
There is an infrared camera and about eight other sensors that can help the process, Schiller explained.
\"Even if you change your hairstyle, you wear a hat if you wear glasses.
Face ID knows who you are.
He said: \"It only works when you open your eyes. 2:22 p. m. --
There is no home button on IPhone X;
Instead, you slide up into the home screen.
Apple stocks, which have been rising during the demo, have fallen at this point. 2:20 p. m. --
Here is the iPhone X (
The pronunciation of IPhone 10. \")
It has a bigger monitor, 5.
8 inch, glass front and glass back. It\'s an edge-to-
Edge display with a resolution of 458 pixels per inch--
The highest for any iPhone.
HDR is supported in this \"Super Retina display.
\"This is to create a new experience,\" said Phil Schiller, Apple\'s vice president of marketing . \". 2:18 p. m. --
\"Our team has been working hard for years and doing something that is important to all of us,\" Cook quoted the iPhone 10 th anniversary as saying . \".
He said the new product \"will chart the way for technology development over the next decade.
\"IPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus 2: 16 p. m. --
An iPhone 8 with 64 gb storage starts at $699-
Minimum available.
Like the new Apple Watch, it will open its reservation on Friday.
Starting with Sept, the new iOS is available. 19. 2:14 p. m. --
Two wireless chargers are available: Mophi and Belkin.
The IPhone 8 will be glass.
Support, wireless charging is allowed.
This is the first iPhone with this feature. 2:12 p. m. --
\"It\'s not just you controlling the game ---
\"You\'re in the game,\" svinsson said . \".
Released on iOS later this month.
2:11 p. m. --
Atli on March, instruction game CEO svinson came on stage to introduce the first multiplayer game designed for augmented reality. 1.
Render 2 million polygons on Metal 2 by command game.
There are also many directional sounds. AppleEvent pic. twitter. com/aivB4QnZ5s—
Research on Zhanbo network
@ Juniperresearch)
September 12, 2017 2:08m. --
From the camera to the video.
The new iPhone will have a new video encoder, which means higher
High quality video, better coding for tricky duplicate patterns (
Such as grass, sand, water).
There\'s a slow one now.
Double the frame rate of the previous iphone. 2:06 p. m. --
This is another new camera feature that is still in beta mode: Portrait Lighting.
With dual cameras, the iPhone can separate objects from the background to better illuminate the face. \"This is real-
\"Time Analysis of the light on your main body\'s face,\" Schiller explains . \". 2:04 p. m. --
New camera features in the phone: 12 pixel camera, deeper color and aperture opening down to 2. 8 and 1. 8. (
Really, really very low--
The standard camera lens of this aperture costs thousands of pounds. )
This means that the camera will be much better with less light, and can take photos with a shallow depth of field: focusing on the foreground and completely blurry background. 2:01 p. m. --
The IPhone 8 display is 4. 7 inches; 5.
5 inch on IPhone 8 Plus with Retina HDR display. It\'s also dust-and water-
This is undoubtedly a good news for many iPhone users.
Also: glass is \"the most durable\" in any phone \". 1:58 p. m. --
Officially named: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
There are three colors to choose from: silver, gray and gold.
Phil Schiller, marketing director, came on stage to explain these features. 1:55 p. m. --
Cook is talking about how the first iPhone changes how people interact with technology. -
\"Touch the software, not the button.
\"1:54. m. --
\"In our lifetime, no other device has an impact on the world of the iPhone,\" Cook said . \".
Not many people will argue.
Pricing 1: 53 p Apple TV 4 Km. --
Cue says the new Apple TV will start at $179-
$50 higher than the current model. 1:49 p. m. --
There is also a new TV app that lets viewers watch live sports-
It\'s a huge deal for fans.
There is even a feature that shows the score in the game and the rest of the time, but for those who are too anxious, it can be turned offinducing.
Apple TV 4 K HDR1: 46 pm. --
Apple TV will also be faster, and HDR versions of quality and Hollywood movies will be faster.
Cue said the Standard HRD movie purchased through iTunes will be upgraded to HRD for free. 1:43 p. m. --
Eddy Cue, Apple\'s senior vice president of Internet software and services, came on stage to show the difference between HDR and 4 k TV.
HDR offers the highest
\"Always maintain a high quality image,\" he said . \"
1:40 p. m. --
When Cook returned to the stage, we turned to Apple TV.
Cook talked about the changes in TV over the years and introduced the Apple TV 4 k.
\"Now we are at the next major turning point in television,\" he said . \"
New Apple Watch: 31: 39 p seriesm. --
The booking of the Apple Watch began. 15 --Friday --
The watch will be available on Sept. 22.
The price of the 3-series phone is $329, or $399.
With the launch of the new series, the price of the 1-Series watch fell to $249.
1:34 p. m. --
Apple teamed up with Hermes to launch the new watch, which has a variety of color bands, including some metal options.
CNET: Apple Watch Series preview page 1: 33m. --
The new Apple Watch is \"very close to magic,\" Williams said \".
It looks like it\'s essentially a new phone: it has its own SIM card to connect to the phone and plays music.
Williams called another Apple executive with his watch and she answered the question through the watch (
When paddling in the middle of the Lake).
1:31 p. m. --
Williams said it expects a quad-core processor for the new Apple Watch.
Besides, Siri can talk, so you can ask it a question and get the answer without looking at the watch.
1:30 p. m. --
Williams said Apple\'s new watch will be connected to the cellular network without relying on the iPhone.
When you leave your phone and turn on your location, it automatically switches to the watch.
It will also include Apple Music streaming, he said.
Apple\'s new watch will allow users to \"play 40 million songs on your wrist,\" Cook said, winning applause. 1:28 p. m. --
As predicted, a new Watch operating system is coming soon.
Apple Watch OS 4 will be launched one after another.
Williams said. 1:26 p. m. --
Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said the Apple Watch will now remind you when you look inactive and when it doesn\'t beat at the normal pace.
Apple\'s heart rate monitor, meanwhile, is the most used in the world. 1:23 p. m. --
In the video, an old woman\'s voice said, \"Thank you for making me feel old . \".
Sure enough, I just saw someone wipe a tear after Apple watched the video. wow AppleEvent—
Alexis Crane (@ Alexiskleinman)
September 12, 2017 1:22m. --
The Apple Watch is now number one
Cook said watching around the world is ready to release an update.
Here\'s another video on how people use the Apple Watch.
One person has a story about being rushed to the emergency room. R. .
Another story of a family whose daughter was diagnosed with diabetes;
Apple\'s glucose monitoring system helps them manage their blood sugar.
@ Tim_cook said on the AppleEvent pic that the Apple Watch is now a watch in the world. twitter. com/GLVVG29dAz—
CBS This Morning. This morning)
Apple store September 12, 2017: Redesigned experience and new Chicago flagship storem. --
Ahrendts issued a warning to 65,000 Apple retail employees.
This reminds us how huge this company is.
It is the largest in the world, worth $835 billion.
1:18 p. m. --
Ahrendts announced Apple\'s latest flagship store: Michigan Avenue, Chicago.
In New York, Apple\'s flagship product, cube, will reopen next year, Ahrendts said.
The square will be open for light inside, she said.
Apple also restored a historic building on the Champs Elysees in Paris.
Elysee Palace and Carnegie Library in Washington, D. C. C.
Angela Arendz, Apple\'s senior vice president of retail, showed off the company\'s latest flagship store in Chicago scheduled to open in October. 20, 2017.
CNET 1:13m. --
According to Ahrendts, some of the new features of the Apple Store are: open gathering places and pathways, known as \"Apple City Plaza \".
She said the company will also invite creative professionals to access its facilities to get the service \"at Apple today. \"1:11 p. m. --
Angela Arendz, Apple\'s head of retail, came on stage to talk about the retail situation.
Three years ago, Ahrendts worked in Burberry for eight years and later arrived at the company, where she was promoted to CEO all the way. 1:09 p. m. --
Cook said Apple will start entering the new campus later this year.
He described some of the features of the campus: the facility was designed to be \"seamless with nature \";
\"It is completely powered by renewable energy and has one of the largest solar installations in the world. 1:07 pm. --
Cook took a minute to honor those who were upended by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, noting that Apple is working with the Red Cross to restore life.
Remind viewers that donations can be made through iTunes or the App Store.
\"No matter what you choose to give, I hope you can open your heart to this important endeavor. \"1:06 p. m. --
Cook said Steve Jobs started working in the new campus more than ten years ago.
\"Steve\'s vision and passion exist anywhere in Apple Park and Apple. \"1:02 p. m. --
After the opening, Tim Cook clapped loudly on the stage and officially welcomed everyone to the Steve Jobs Theater.
\"Steve is very important to me and all of us,\" he said . \".
\"I haven\'t considered him for a day. \"12:55 p. m. --
Below is a photo of another person attending the event. It\'s packed.
Note that almost everyone is not looking forward. . .
But on their phone
September 12: Participants are preparing to attend a special event at Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, on September 12, 2017.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images 12: 50m. --
Ten minutes before the event, the lights went out and the music sounded.
People entered the auditorium. (
On livestream, Twitter doesn\'t like the current country. )
They turned down the lights and turned up the music.
We have 10 minutes left.
AppleEvent stevejobheatre picture. twitter. com/TYRp5fccJH—Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff)
September 12, 2017 Wtf is an AppleEvent for country music-Mariela✨ (@xxxwithlouis)
September 12, 2017 12:39m. --
Disney CEO Bob Iger (Bob Iger) appeared in the audience, which caused some people to guess, which means that some kind of content transaction will be announced.
If Apple starts making its own shows or movies, this is a huge boost to the fate of Apple TV (
The threat to Hollywood).
Disney CEO Bob Iger is here.
A strong signal from Apple TV content. AppleEvent pic. twitter. com/Xt2sMTbeq7—Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff)
September 12, 2017 12:33m. --
Here is one of the 1,000 leather seats in Steve Jobs Auditorium (
It is reported that $14,000 per seat)
These feel like pictures of a separate armchair. twitter. com/XKa8U9P8mf—Scott Stein (@jetscott)
September 12, 2017 12:20m. --
Let\'s take a look at how some of Apple\'s products have changed over the past 30 years.
Evolution of Apple products 66 photos 12: 04m. --
Nearly an hour before the live broadcast began, the photos reportedly appeared on Apple\'s $5 billion corporate campus.
Known as Apple Park, it covers an area of 175 acres, and the building itself has 2 acres.
8 million square feet.
Apple says it uses 100% renewable energy.
September 12: Apple Park in Cupertino, California, September 12, 2017.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images in Cupertino, California
September 12: Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple Park, Cupertino, California, September 12, 2017.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images 11: 35m. --
CEO Tim Cook sent a photo of Jobs theater before the event started.
Today is the big day for Apple!
This morning, we are honored and pleased to host our first keynote speech at Steve Jobs Theatre. pic. twitter. com/gyiqPJB46y—Tim Cook (@tim_cook)
Architecture lovers in September 12, 2017 (and Apple fans)
I am eager to see the venue at the new Cupertino campus.
Until Tuesday morning, its appearance was tightly packed.
September 12: On September 12, 2017, people rolled around the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.
Apple will hold their first special event in the new Apple Park, where they are expected to launch a new iPhone.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images in Cupertino, California
September 12: Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple Park, Cupertino, California, September 12, 2017.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images This is the bird view picture of the campus being built in January.
The aerial photo taken in January 13, 2017 shows that Apple Campus 2 is under construction in Cupertino, California.
Noah Berg/Reuters
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