and fall my next trick…

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
A fan put his own ideas
Incredible display on the live Darren Brown show-
Fall off the balcony of the theater and sway over a lighting device.
It is believed that after being joked by his wife, The Clicker had fallen from a 45-foot high.
He fell 15 feet before hitting the light he managed to catch.
It happened to 1,400 viewers-
Including comedian Russell Closs.
At the end of Derren\'s popular West End show \"notorious\", I was preparing to leave.
The 42-year-old magician Darren told him 1.
6 million Twitter fan: \"A woman made her husband a joke. He was hanging.
He\'s fine, but the last episode.
The audience dragged the man back.
A woman was slightly injured while dragging him on a safety railing at the London palace theater.
Derren, who left the stage, told The Sun: \"It\'s terrible, but I know he got away with it.
There is a big dent in our lighting. ”Theatre-
Goer Rob Millwood, 33, said: \"It looks terrible.
The woman with him screamed so distressed.
He grabbed the bar with one arm.
Three or four men ran down the steps and pulled him back.
\"A few inches away, there is nothing to break the fall.
Some viewers think it\'s part of the show.
\"I was told that he was hypnotized!
\"Do you know the man who fell?
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