an exercise in style: the design lover\'s guide to creating a home gym

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
Exercise is a good level.
No matter how tight your abs are, when you hold the step handle in the gym, you will still be in close contact with the sweat of a stranger.
Even if you have room for exercise equipment at home, there is no doubt that showing off to guests is too beautiful.
Because the home gym is usually ugly.
Most devices are designed to evolve like plankton.
In a box of rough paint, gasping on a rocking plastic frame is equally inspiring, with most gyms there.
It doesn\'t need to be like this.
Philippe Starck believes that forms and functions can be mixed anywhere even when moving flab.
\"Life is impossible,\" he said . \"
\"Continue it better.
To do this, we must love life and love ourselves for at least 15 minutes a day.
At home, at work.
Some exercises and good poses-obviously, elegant.
\"Obviously, Philip.
However, the gym that suits you makes sense.
If the location of your workplace changes, it\'s annoying to be locked in an expensive gym.
Many gyms do not have the right equipment if you are training for a specific event.
For anyone working from home,
The gym in the hotel is an ideal place for lunch.
High design is easy to buy fitness equipment from large retailers such as living fitness or technical gym, but as a design project, your home gym is only explored by some niche companies.
\"People are starting to realize that they are happy to spend a lot of money on a new kitchen or bathroom, so why not go to the gym?
Mark Healy of the concept of space said,
End gym design company that creates custom gyms for customers\' homes and yachts.
Personal trainer Healey and his design colleague David Stams use various methods to transform fitness equipment that sounds as dull as Magic: kits of different brands can be made of chrome-Powder platingcoating and re-
Decoration of Co-
Coordinate with each other and feel at home with you.
\"Anything can be done,\" said Healy . \".
\"I don\'t think the current thinking about equipment aesthetics is enough.
But hopefully we can see the beginning of the end of boredom.
Watch the equipment
\"Multiple episodes of Philip Stark
The office exercise equipment of the Italian company alias is evidence of this and solves the dilemma of time. poor, health-
Obsessed with conscious design
There is no doubt that this is a very small market, but the weight of his necklace and bracelet has doubled, the weight of the hand has been carved, and the smooth tie rod
Ups and stretching open up new possibilities for the home gym.
Another smooth space
The festival is Ciclotte (Ciclotte. com)
This is an ergonomic, tough and portable fixed monobike that won\'t look inappropriate next to your egg chair or Barcelona sofa.
If you can only make some space for the gym, invest in a portable climbing wall. Treadwalls (Treadwalls. com)
Headquartered in the United States, it makes inclined portable walls. Custom Holds (Customholds. com)and Holdz (Holdz. co. uk)
They sell kids-
Kindly change the house or garden wall to a climbing wall suitable for the whole family.
Or, if you like more traditional workouts, stylish Tumidei XFit (Tumidei. it)
As a full body gymin-a-box.
Not cheap, over £ 4,000 but includes treadmills, fitness chairs and dumbbells, drill breaks and pop-
Entertainment System.
If you have not yet owned a yacht eager to own your own gym, the space concept works with all types of projects and budgets and provides equipment advice to people who do not have the funds to upgrade their workout space.
Crawford and Crawford\'s Matt Crawford, like Healey, began to work as a personal trainer and design the gym in Yorkshire and Cheshire.
Clients include Premier League players.
He said that you can start a home gym for only £ 1,000.
This may mean putting up with the ugly device you want to avoid, but he suggests avoiding fitness. com)
Because of its \"curved, sleek design-exactly what you expect from a height --end gym\".
Nick Sadler noticed a gap in the decent family gym market after living in New York, where the gym in your apartment is standard.
His company, Motiv8, is suitable for the gym of private residences, luxury apartments, schools and offices.
He suggested saving money by renting equipment.
About £ 200 per month, which may be cheaper for the whole family than Fitness members.
A gym that fits your needs among the pros, instead of ordering in Amazon\'s cross coach, will give you the gym you want instead of A-size-fits-all set-
This is the epitome of all the reasons why you don\'t want to go to the gym.
\"We often work with the whole family to discuss what they want from space,\" Crawford said . \".
\"For example, a racing car for the triathletes, not a room full of things they don\'t need.
Or Versaclimber (Versaclimber. co. uk)
This is a treadmill suitable for rock climbing, very popular with fighting athletes, you can install a continuous swimming pool in a 20-foot space.
Sadler has installed the skeg of concept T2 (Concept2. co. uk)
For powder addicts and EXCITE Top of swigym, the goal is the fitness needs of keen sailors (Technogym. co. uk).
The most obvious way to drag a home gym to 21
The century standard is achieved by combining clever visual effects.
Using sensory International (
Sensoryinternational. com)
Install systems that compete with entertainment venues.
\"You don\'t want to fiddle with the CD player if you sweat,\" he said . \".
\"But the most important thing for users is to be inspired.
The audio-visual aspect must flow so that they can exercise.
Limited solutions are used by Clough (The final solution. co. uk)
Install a home theater in the gym and integrate the ipod into the apartmentscreen TVs. Another hi-
Tech option to incorporate virtual reality devices into design, such as bicycles programmed with famous courses, so that you can ride a bike at the Tour de France, or even race against friends online
Multitasking can be limited, or you may not want to waste expensive audio-visual equipment on your own in sports, so make your gym money.
The space concept is fitted with a rotating ball rack that can be combined as an armchair, a padded floor work area that can be used as a Wii rock band stage with an isoionic screen and disco light, turning into a folding sports bench for nails-
Bar seats and hair stations, and even a boxing ring, can be turned into a dance floor for a private party.
Sadler works with open life (
Openlivingcompany. com)
In order to create gyms within the garden shed, these gyms are often disguised as office space, disguised with beautiful paint, flowers and green plants.
Still not convinced?
Think about money.
Christopher Bailey, from Leifang real estate agency, used a formula to calculate the added value of luxury --
Ons will bring you property.
According to a study of 1,300 houses between 1995 and 2009, he found that the gym could add an astonishing 600,000 pounds to a 2-meter house.
If I knew it all two months ago, when I saw the ugly fitball getting too much in the newly painted apartment, I was driven to stab it with scissors. Space-concepts. co. uk; M8group. net;
Cloughandclough. co.
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