all aboard! respect, remembrance mix with the macabre

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When Morgan mullini told her friends where she was going, she was laughed.
They thought she was crazy when she signed up for the eight
To commemorate the 100 anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the rented Titanic cruise ship day.
\"I\'m tired,\" she said . \".
\"Morgan, you\'re 26. Really? Titanic?
\"But for 450 people on a trip to Azamara, this trip is one --in-a-
Opportunity for a lifetime
They said it was the closest they ever had to experience the sinking of the deadly ship on a cold April night in the North Atlantic.
As a journalist, I also experienced some of this myself when I described my assignment.
\"Tell the captain to be careful with the iceberg,\" people will say . \".
\"You\'re testing fate. . .
Make sure there are enough lifeboats.
\"LevartAnd when you think about it, it\'s a bit weird: people wear something similar to what they wore on the Titanic in 1912.
The woman in the bodice, the hair in the Gibson roll, goes for afternoon tea.
The meal served during the last dinner on board is getting past the lips of 2012 diners. (
I had a big hali fish on Wednesday and was inspired by the Titanic menu, which tasted pretty good. )
Although people often nod to 1997, the hall is full of harp music.
You will only hear the theme \"My heart will continue\" of James Cameron\'s blockbuster Titanic, at most once an hour. (
The woman behind the Mammoth mahogany instrument said, this is the rule).
This is all part of the trip, and will eventually remain silent on the exact date and time of the Titanic\'s arrival to the end, right above the wreckage.
Why is the Titanic more appealing than other disasters the captain even told me that in fact we are entering waters that may include some ice.
It would be a rare event, but he said that no one knew exactly before we almost reached the exact location of the wreckage.
CNN reporter Michael Holmes looks back at life when the Titanic sank in 1912.
However, all of this is the reason to make this trip better for Mullinix, which is a complete-
Time cruise advisor, her fascination with the Titanic has inspired her career to some extent.
Her mission is to understand what these passengers have experienced. -
Everything except the iceberg part. -
On the Titanic on the White Star Line
CNN correspondent Rob Marciano found out how to experience the sinking of the Titanic.
\"I looked at the water outside last night and I thought, \'I can\'t even imagine what that feeling or feeling looks like.
You can\'t do anything. Nothing.
\"The Great Darkness is where more than 1,500 people were killed, mainly in 28-degree water.
While she admitted it was \"a bit scary\", she didn\'t mind seeing the iceberg ---
Emphasize \"look \".
\"Feel the cold of the air, look up at the sky and know this is what they see,\" which is some reason mullini signed up.
To be held 11:40 start pay tribute. m. on April 14 --
When the Titanic hit an iceberg
After two hours and 40 minutes, a wreath will be placed on the water. --
Just like the last ship sliding under the water.
The Azamara will meet with the Balmoral of the MS at the wreck site as a memorial.
The ship carrying passengers from Southampton, England, returned to the maiden voyage of the Titanic, the expedition was organized by the same travel agency.
The 26-year-old mulsmorgan Mullinix has been fascinated by the Titanic disaster since childhood.
Chris Welch/CNNMullinix doesn\'t remember how big she really is, but when she\'s hooked on everything from Titanic, she knows she\'s \"single digit \".
This is the story of her great-grandfather, told by her father.
He was on the kamatiya, and the ship sent a distress signal that hundreds of passengers had been rescued. \"He was there.
\"He witnessed the survivors,\" she said, explaining why she wanted to go there a whole century later.
Passenger Sharon is willing to say that she will \"go to the ends of the Earth\" to pay tribute to her great man --
Grandfather who died that night
He and his wife-
Very good-
My grandmother made it on the 4th lifeboat. -
First class passengers on Titanic
\"Although I obviously don\'t know him, for a long time, I have felt a close relationship with him mentally and emotionally,\" Willing said on the first day of the journey.
\"So, come here and go to the site, it\'s like seeing him and being able to say goodbye to me.
\"Willing to say she had a hard time talking about her greatness --
Especially when she describes what she knows is causing them to break up.
\"When they were notified to board the deck, they laughed together and said, you know, this is--
\"Isn\'t that silly,\" said Kender.
\"He put her on the 4th lifeboat and told her that he would come back and that he would wait for her there.
When she got on the lifeboat, they pulled the boat apart and she heard the hissing sound, then she realized that the water entered the boat.
She found her husband but could not find him.
His body was never found again, \"she said, beginning to cry.
In Halifax, Nova Scotia, the grandmother of a truly melted portrick drudkenmiller bought him a replica of the Titanic on board.
Chris Welch/cnnthough from 76-year-
Old willing 9-year-
Old Patrick drudenmiller, who was a titanic fan, made the trip a gift from his grandmother.
As he walked on the gangway to board the ship, Drucker Miller dressed up as Captain Titanic. E. J.
Smith wore a full uniform with a white cotton beard.
Passengers talk about the benefits of bringing artifacts to shore from the wreck site, or why Robert Ballard, one of the people who found the Titanic wreckage in 1985, when he did not raise anything from the ship, he made a bad choice.
These topics don\'t seem appropriate anywhere else-
Just like discussing how the constellation in the night sky is incorrect, because the roses cling to the driftwood in the movie. Not here.
The most memorable star
Thursday is ABBA night at the Disco.
Of course I did.
Disco attracts a variety-
From the middle-
The old man in a short skirt pays tribute to the 20-year-old at Halifax cemetery in Nova Scotia, where many victims are buried
Some singers and dancers form the usual year of the cruise --
Round entertainment.
This is certainly not the crowd they are used.
The staff of the Azamara Tour declined a request for a formal interview, although I was told by some that it was undoubtedly a more \"unique\" crowd full of \"interesting\" characters.
On the surface, this trip is easy to find interesting.
But one thing is for sure. -
On the evening of the 14th, no one can dance.
Disco lights will dim and casino slots will mute.
Without the sweet voice of the harp, there is no \"my heart will continue.
\"Only the waves hit the ship rhythmically.
Of course, maybe someone somewhere will laugh at the people on board.
But it\'s no longer important for Morgan mullini.
\"I love that I\'m sitting with you guys and you won\'t laugh,\" she said to a group of new friends when they talked about the Titanic.
\"We all understand each other.
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