ali stroker on her historic tony win for ‘oklahoma’: “it inspires people to keep going”

by:Marslite     2019-09-10
Anyone watching the Tony Award from the official media room makes it clear that history is easily created: in recent memory, this is the first time that the winner will be taken to the small stage of a short Q &, because there is a wheelchair ramp.
From the rooms inside the 3 Western clubs across the street from the Radio City concert hall, a logistical addition, before Ali Strock won the best show, a famous actress in orklahe
The Thunder star was paralyzed by a car accident when she was two years old. her victory was the first Tony to go to the actor in a wheelchair.
With the arrival of 21-year-old NBC & Boston bruinstroker\'s Stanley Cup score, the ratings of the relevant storiesTony awards declined and left the room with warm applause. The 31-year-
The old man who also starred in TV glee and ten days in the valley recalled her reaction from the show and its influence.
\"Social media is cool and you can get in touch with a lot of people,\" she said . \".
\"I \'ve just heard from many young, aspiring actors, singers and musicians how exciting it is to see someone sitting in a chair on Broadway and on TV.
And how it inspires them and motivates them to move on.
She continued, \"It surprised me to be such a person for them because I don\'t have an 11-year-oldyear-
Old girl pursuing my dream
I would like to see who caused the disability or was in a wheelchair.
And no one.
It turns out that working with oklaoma\'s director, choreographer and creative team is another part of this breakthrough.
\"We talked a lot about the work of roles throughout the show.
This girl has something to do with two different men: how do we physical? ” she recalled.
It is important to work with people who have never worked with people in the chair, but also \"very interesting \", she asked her what she would do to make stroker more widely in the theater world: \"The Theater and the houses that the audience came in were accessible, but the backstage was not working.
So I would like to ask the theater owner and producer to take a serious look at how to make the backstage area accessible.
Just as Stroker won on cbs TV, her winning speech lasted for a while, the show --
The last part of her speech was overwhelmed by music.
She said she thanked her partner David, who \"reminded me every day to shine my light.
\"This is Stroker\'s on-
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