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by:Marslite     2019-10-05
Six young singers will be in the final of Lexus Quest this Friday night.
The final arbitrator will once again be an outstanding figure in the international concert stage and opera theater.
This year, soprano Elizabeth Cornell shocked the audience in the title of the Australian Opera Turandot 2006 revival.
She has participated in Elektra from Madrid, Berlin to Tokyo and Montreal, just held a week-long master class in Hamburg, and held \"one of the best aria of 100\" in Kuala Lumpur
As she said, \"I know.
\"I mentioned 1988 Hyber Dragon CD of her Schubert song, which was an adventure she was\" very proud.
Graham Johnson chose these songs because I had a big voice.
Not many people sang dead all macht and then there was Klage der Ceres on. . . lovely stuff.
Opera and songs complement each other for Cornell.
\"A lie itself is like a small scene.
You don\'t have clothing, lights or make, only the atmosphere created with your stand, attention and expression.
\"You have to tell this little story, two or three minutes.
\"The candidates on Friday will be presented under Michael Lloyd\'s baton with a lie or art song, accompanied by a respectable Dennis and two aria and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.
When it comes to advice for young singers, Cornell is confident that they will remember the Latin proverb \"festina lente \".
\"Take your time,\" she translated . \"
\"Be sure to take care of the first place because no one else will be as good as you are.
Young singers are being exploited a lot these days and you have to be able to say no in the best way, especially if someone asks you [do]
Too fast.
\"They may tell you that you are right now, but you are not right in five years.
\"When she was a student, things were not so cruel.
\"There is much more talent training.
As they can see, my voice will be a dramatic soprano, but you can\'t be like that when you start, or you\'ll have a very short and sharp career.
\"There is no time to go step by step now.
If the singers are not careful, they will soon be in the singing pile.
She thinks a game like Lexus is priceless.
\"It\'s a great platform for everyone.
If you win, you will be very grateful for any financial help, and you can also judge yourself against other contestants.
\"Nevertheless, for all the training and discipline, it is luck, pure and simple, when getting a career break.
\"But when luck really comes, you have to have the goods and the talent to take it,\" Connell added . \".
\"In judging such an event, it is the whole personality that Cornell is looking.
\"It hits your eyes and encourages who.
I think it would be very difficult when I first started doing these things, but the cream did rise to the top.
\"She is looking forward to attending a master class with the singer on Sunday, describing her as a\" sound byte class \"course.
Given that they will hold a round of competitions at the town hall, she will \"provide entertainment and teaching \".
Her own student memories include a master class with the great Lady Eva Turner.
Cornell laughed: \"The best thing I \'ve learned from her is that once you get the money, you divide it into three.
You give the government the third one, the third one you save, the third one you live in.
\"When the winner on Friday received a $15,000 scholarship and a $10,000 cash prize, Mrs. Eva\'s advice is likely to be kept in mind.
Performance content: Lexus Song Discovery finals location and time: Auckland City Hall on Friday.
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