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by:Marslite     2019-09-15
No more, and Super
The club scene has been beaten by overpriced star DJs, the federal government\'s crackdown on Carnival parties
Flavor sites and club disasters in Chicago and Rhode Island.
However, the party is not over yet.
Closer to home.
Several retailers and wholesalers are available from surround-
The sound system from the disco to the velvet cord can make the attendees feel like they took the club home with no bodyguards, a $25 cover and a premium drink.
Jim fitipaddy, a 45-year-old art dealer, regularly hosts the club
Love the party in the loft in downtown Los Angeles for 200 people, there is a disco, club
Style lighting and professional P. A.
System and artwork hung on the wall.
\"This is my way of life,\" he said . \"
\"Everything is for the party. that\'s how I sell.
\"Many customers hold big parties with themes,\" said N . \"
Aadoot, assistant manager of novelty store Aahs! !
In Santa Monica
Club available in stores-
Fashion accessories such as de rigueur mirror disco for Home raver start at $29. 95 ($149.
95 electric model for rotating and having matching Flash). There are $16.
95 beading curtains and batteries for parties in their 70 s
Operate the Ice Cube and once put into the drink it lights up in green, blue and red ($1. 49 each).
Of course, there are fluorescent sticks and luminous necklaces in the store ($1. 49 to $5)
For psychedelic pop lock in liferoom floor.
Under the professional sound and stage lights of cypress trees, it\'s harder-
The core House apartment can cost $400 for a small fog machine and four psychedelic \"Moonflower\" lights like hanging in a big room
City dance floor. Bubble-
The price of making the machine is $150, but the salesperson Ernesto Melendrez suggested, \"you don\'t want one at home ---
It could get a little confusing.
Small red laser
The light machine costs $60, and for those who care about their neighbors, the sound --dampening (
And flame retardant)
\"Studio bubble\" £ 12 about $200
Boxes that cover one wall.
For those planning to go all out with a guest list, Lawrence metal products is located on the Bay Bank of New YorkY.
Velvet rope for $1575 for a 3-
Foot length, \"Light-
The duty hook ends at $12 per root and the \"plastic portable Post\" ends at $41 per root.
Meanwhile, vinyl DJ system-
Two turntables and one mixer-
Pro Sound, Guitar Center and Sam Ash stores start at around $300, while Best Buy plans to sell Pioneer brand DJ gear online from June, according to a company spokesman.
Some systems including DVD players
Of the amplifiers and five speakers, it has dropped to $200, or even 600-
Fry\'s recently promoted the watt Panasonic System for $229.
\"They have a surround sound of $200 to $300 --
\"The sound system is now affordable,\" DJ Dave Aude said . \" His Dolby 5. 1-
The DVD of the \"mixed live: Dave audder\" channel just came out.
Aude\'s album is part of the Los Angeles \"mixed live\" seriesA. -
Moonshine Music will provide multi-channel DJ for club fans-
The hybrid album, which can capture not only the music, but also the cheers, whoops and whistles of the jockey\'s live club performance.
Aude said: \"Once people start installing more and more systems in their houses, more labels will begin to record these mixesCd in the circle.
The \"mixed live\" series of \"Moonlight\" includes a stereo CD and a DVD disc with video clips of recorded discs and surround sound of events, including the recent hybrid release of British DJ Gao Paul and West Coast hero Donald Grood.
Although this is not the first time in 5 years to do music. 1 (
Sound split between speakers-
Two front, two rear and one center-channel --
And a subwoofer)
The label claims that the series is the first series of consecutive DJs using Dolby technologyMixed compilation. It captures St.
On the eve of the new year, Louis\'s club velvet injected aududian\'s high
Energy of hard workhouse style.
UDD said that when his vinyl stereo mix was also recorded, the microphone was placed in every corner of the dance floor to capture the dancer\'s voice.
He said that the increase in crowd atmosphere not only helps the club to go home, but also helps to solve the problem of how to get the DJ mix-
This almost always starts and ends in stereo or two channels as vinyl still dominates the field ---into the 5. 1 domain.
Dolby Labs recognized the concept as a way to get more independent labels to make surround-
Music products.
Is the equipment needed to build a fake club at home worth spending?
Melendrez, 26, Pro Soundyear-
He also works every other Friday as production manager for Hollywood chemical night at the palace, saying it\'s not a bad investment for clubs accustomed to doubling
Digital payment and $10 drink price.
Melendrez said: \"Once you buy the gear, you have it, and the next time you\'re ready for a family party, you buy drinks and have a DJ come over and you go there.
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