a hitch in a.r. rahman\'s trajectory to global superstardom

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No one expects the bottom to fall on. R.
World tour of Rahman
It is estimated that he is a Bollywood superstar and a prolific film composer who has sold more than 0. 35 billion albums worldwide and has been honored as a music semi-God among Indian expatriates. In the U. S.
Of course, Rahman is best known for the behind-the-scenes blackhands of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, who has been caught twice at the Oscars, one Golden Globe and two Grammy Awards, because he contributed to the popular 2008 independent romance.
So, earlier this month, when he started his \". R.
Rahman Jai Ho concert: a trip home to the world is scheduled to arrive at the Forum in Los Angeles on Sunday night, and Rahman\'s plan has two: get in touch with the Deshi he worships --South Asian —
And also dug him up in Africa-
Desis, packed along the way at stadiums in North America and Europe.
Immerse yourself in the spectacular views and play the heighttech razzle-
Compared to the composer known as \"Madras Mozart\", Lady Gaga is more notable and the tour runs smoothly in New York, New Jersey and Chicago.
But in June 19, when Rahman attacked Detroit, the disaster happened.
According to art director Amy timcam, the infrastructure of the car city Pontiac Silverhill is not strong enough to support a lighting device and fasten it under its weight.
The machine collapsed and destroyed part of the stage.
To make matters worse, the equipment and suits specially designed for the tour became unavailable.
\"It\'s a miracle that my team got away with minor injuries,\" Rahman said on Twitter last Monday . \".
After initially delaying the Detroit-Toronto appointment, Rahman made a painful decision on Tuesday night to postpone his trip to North America in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver. While rebuilding the set, Canada and Houston are scrambling to determine which elements of the current episode can be saved.
A spokeswoman for Rahman said there was no plan to cancel the trip to Europe;
The date of the North American \"Ho Concert\" is likely to be rescheduled for September.
This dilemma is a major setback for Rahman, who is trying to connect with Western audiences, just as he did not have a South Asian pop star before, while his \"slum\" success is still relatively hot.
Last year, he was named the most influential person in the world by Time magazine.
\"Jai Ho\", combined with Bollywood, Broadway and rock circus, aims to become the gateway to mainstream America.
His plan is not
The audience in India also includes the continuous soundtrack from Hollywood (
After the slum, Rahman was hired as the star of 2009 romantic comedy lovers retreat.
A potentially lucrative deal with Interscope Records.
Since \"dog of the slum\" became the touchstone of culture, the closing anthem of Rahman\'s victory \"Jai Ho\" became a popular song (
Another version recorded with a cat doll was unsuccessful.
1 in 4 countries).
For the most part of 2009, he was collecting awards and bathed in light.
Still, earlier this month, before his Detroit disaster, he reached Chicago by phone.
The 44-year-old oral composer admits that he may be making slow progress in taking advantage of this momentum on his world tour.
\"Actually, it should be last year,\" Rahman said . \".
\"But creatively, we need time to integrate that.
Amos Newman, Rahman\'s manager, said before the Pontiac silverroach accident that the tour was an introduction to American audiences.
\"His past performances are perfect for Indian audiences.
This program is designed for everyone.
We have done extensive marketing and public relations outside the national market.
We deliberately designed the show to attract people who don\'t know who it is. R. Rahman is.
\"This tour combines elements of Sufi Mystery, traditional folklore, reggae, jazz and rock that are grafted onto a unique Indian music host.
Despite its culture
Across intention, each song is sung in its original Tamil, Hindi, or Taglu.
But unlike his previous performance programming
Implicitly acknowledging Bollywood\'s historical difficulties in trying to break through in the United States --
Rahman and his professional supervisor raised the stakes by adopting new technology and Western Technology
The style performance is booming.
They hired Tinkham, who directed and choreographed tours for people like Madonna and Paul McCartney, as well as the Lin brothers.
Barnum & Bailey Circus, in Newman\'s words, helps provide \"fan experiences commensurate with any other experience at a big rock show or pop concert.
\"The concept of this show is a visual experience that takes you through ancient and modern India and maintains the spirit of Indian culture in various ways,\" Tinkham said . \".
The team reduced Rahman\'s list of songs to 35, subdivided them into different chapters, focusing on religious life, rural culture, festivals and political conflicts in India in different ways.
Similarly, spending cuts have not been spared --Edge technology.
The tour hired three.
Size mapping projector (
Able to turn stationary objects into waterfalls or vines)and a light-
LED display-
Both may or may not be damaged in Pontiac Silverdome.
\"We are trying to mix three different things together: Broadway shows, rock shows and circus,\" Rahman said . \".
\"My music is filled with moments of spirituality, festivals, celebration and love.
Celebrate India.
\"Regardless of the delay in the tour, Rahman has begun to create opportunities for himself outside the subcontinent by working with pop celebrities such as alt-Sri Lankahip-Super star M. I. A.
Australian pop queen Kylie Milo also made a noise for the star.
\"We are the top 25 in Haiti.
\"Honcho Jimmy Iovine, the performer\'s manager and head of Interscope Records, all envisioned the composer\'s career trajectory, partially imitating the trajectory of Timbaland.
US hiphop producer-songwriter (
Timothy Mosley was born)
His multiple platinum status
Sell hitmaker for people like Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado to be a self
By demonstrating his collaboration with other performers on hit albums such as the first and second volumes of \"Timbaland Presents Shock Value\", keep the artist\'s career alive.
\"Indians in the United StatesS.
Over the past decade, there has been a big step forward in entertainment, American companies and politics, \"said Gitesh Pandya, head of BoxOfficeGuru, a South Asian media consultancy. com, via e-mail.
\"There\'s a lot more to do, but our position in this country is now more prominent, and our musicians and actors still face the challenge of being accepted as artists, not as Brown artists.
\"Interscope is seeking some help to build the bridge for this purpose.
\"Jimmy iowen from get-go was for A. R.
Record with well-
Newman said: \"well-known artists in the West.
\"He\'s writing now, working with several people, multi-platinum artists.
But at its core, it needs to be. R. Rahman record.
It is important that we do not lose his essence.
\"But in the short term, Rahman and tourism producers have gone all out to try to pick up the pieces for the remaining European dates.
All artists, singers, musicians, dancers, technicians (Including myself)
In a statement released on Wednesday, Rahman said: \"I almost got a second life ,. . . . . . Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise because we will have the opportunity to perform for you with more energy and perfection. \" chris. lee@latimes.
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