a day in the life of peter berner

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Peter Berner\'s alarm clock rang at four. 23am.
In 40 minutes, he will take the elevator to the 26 th floor of Bondi Junction building, where Sydney\'s three-meter breakfast exhibition office is located.
Fifi Box and DJ Jamie Row are already in their seats.
In the next 10 minutes, everyone else joined in:
Host Mickey Robbins and Amanda Keller, as well as producer Richard motlock and producer Rasti Graham.
Nobody says too much, it takes a while to get up at such a stupid time to kill the shock of time.
The coffee cup is wrapped around your fingers.
Berner took off his coat and picked up a copy of The Daily Telegraph.
Everyone goes through the story of the day and looks for topics to discuss in the air (
They took the phone apart first.
This is more interesting and often intentional than the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Daily).
There are many choices this morning.
A New Zealand fisherman entered a frozen apper fish during a match, a local committee that closed the personal shrine, details about who was the death of the bassist and never died
Landing balloon Steve Fawcett (
\"He doesn\'t know how to land,\" Berner said . \".
\"All he did was crash. \")5.
Energy levels in Room 41 am began to rise.
Berner fixed some Weet Bix for himself while Mortlock hosts a discussion of the Order of the show\'s running.
He threw out the idea of a \"World Cup of sex\", a phone call --
Discover the best ethnic Bonk section.
Robins: \"Has anyone had sex with Eskimo?
Berner: \"They have 500 words that say\" no \". \"5.
Keller yawned.
\"Can we go home now?
She did not ask anyone in particular.
The file is folded and the chair is pushed back.
One by one people took their place in the studio below the corridor. 6am It\'s a not-
Eight Degrees in eastern Sydney is unpleasant, but many three-meter listeners are in a cold climate.
A caller said he got up early to take the dog for a walk, but the unfortunate dog\'s \"Lipstick\" was frozen in the kennel.
Warm water and spatula. 6.
The eighteen o\'clock A. M. commercial breakfast broadcast was basically just a bit of fun for people to talk to each other.
It\'s a light and bright chat that rewards attention, but doesn\'t always require attention.
But that\'s not to say it\'s nonsense.
This is a carefully arranged rhythm.
The people involved know where the markers are and how to hit them.
The interesting part is the competition between the three hosts to see who can make the most ridiculous comments while continuing to discuss the topic.
\"I use deodorant, but not aftershave . \"
\"Although I did roll in the elk urine.
\"There are dozens of such moments every day.
Berner said his job on the show was to \"summon up courage \"--
Provide a platform for others to build jokes. 6.
40 am whenever there is a break (Songs, news, etc)
The owner is outside the door.
They must move on in order to maintain their energy level.
Toilet rest and toast top-ups.
Berner eats peanut butter muffins in the air and chews as he says. 7.
Twenty-three o\'clock A. M. World Cup sex.
Jason at Glenmore Park said he slept with women from 22 countries and \"nothing is better than the Portuguese \".
He also talked about a woman he knew who was proud to be \"five countries \". 7.
Berner doodles on the mat while not talking.
He says he is an obsessed drawer and sometimes becomes a cartoonist of the Bulletin.
When the news began, Berner picked up the Sydney Morning Herald and turned to comic strips.
\"I saw it,\" he said . \"
\"I like this form. \"8. 10am Beloved (
Although the word \"behated\" exists, it may be more appropriate)
The Triple M character Nanna dubbed by Dave Gibson was filmed as on-air promotion.
For the rest of the time, most of the time was being interviewed with the growing absurdity of blind witnesses, ambulance drivers and surgeons.
After work at nine o\'clock A. M. , the three men pulled out their headphones and left the studio.
They spread out at a local cafe or sandwich shop to buy a second breakfast
It\'s not because they\'re hungry, it\'s because it feels like a way to relax and it\'s the reason for walking. 9.
They resumed the meeting after 30.
Analysis and discussion of possible ideas tomorrow.
Then next door, I saw Guy Dobson, the director of the Internet show, who wanted to talk about \"who shot Anna?
Activity and possible crossover
And Channel Ten promotion. The co-
A day before disappearing, the host used \"juggling\" Mike Anderson to record a promo for the show. 10.
We walked down Oxford Street in Bondi Junction and towards Berner\'s Barber (
He tossed and turned between a number. Four or numbers
Three crew members were cut off but the barber was found to be closed).
\"I was more flattering this morning than usual,\" Berner insisted . \". \"I love radio. It suits me.
With the TV, there are a lot of things standing around, there are a lot of things that adjust the lights and make-up --up.
Radio is more direct.
With TV, you will think of a joke that will take a week to broadcast.
Still, Berner is proud of his TV achievements.
He pointed out that BackBerner has included 120 episodes in three episodes. and-a-
Half a year in the air.
He thinks it\'s more than any other political satire by ABC.
\"Normally I will have a few hours of intellectual property right now,\" he said . \".
Unfortunately, he built it.
In the cabinets installed at home, so there is no choice to sleep.
He decided to curl up somewhere in ABC.
\"I never like to take a nap, but I have to take a nap now.
The idea that you have to wake up twice to face the day is a bit more for me.
At eleven o\'clock A. M. in the afternoon, when the taxi drove into the port tunnel, Bernault drew a short biographical portrait.
Born in Singapore in February 1963. Mother: Scot-Australian. Father: Danish.
The third of the four children
Moved to Sydney 11 months old.
Waronga then grew up in kirala.
Went to the Church Grammar School in Sydney, England (North Sydney). 11.
At twenty o\'clock A. M. in the afternoon, the days were better in the office.
If they have garbagethe-
When ABC leaves Mount Gore at the end of the year, the demolition will take about 30 seconds.
Berner checked in with the staff before checking in to writer Adam Couper\'s office.
In general, Couper said, the script was written before the end of Tuesday, although there will be a lot of changes during the rehearsal.
In the half hour of this week, there are more than 30 clips, which are \"Archived from BackBerner\" in the form of a simulated lens, and are inflated by a tribute to ABC\'s 70 th anniversary. 11.
At 56 am across the hall from the screenwriter room, Berner checked the progress of the opening monologue, which was the most critical of the show --
Usually the most picky.
An article
\"Call these people by their name,\" he said of the four joke generators . \".
\"They are the reason for the success of the show. Without them . . . \"\". . .
Richard Thorpe doters said, \"you already have a loggi now . \"(
Kevin bronmton, Peter Egner and Angus Simons completed the quartet. )
At noon, Berner went to the dressing room and lowered his head.
He twisted his frame into two green-
Sit on the sofa and enjoy an hourand-a-
Half sleep, make a few calls or answer a few.
Studio 22 at two o\'clock P. M. , the staff checked the camera settings-ups. At 2.
At fifteen o\'clock P. M. Louise Severson began rehearsing.
15 minutes later, Berner showed up and made a straight line for the Couper.
They discussed some small adjustments and chat.
\"Usually, we end up with the right results,\" Berner said . \".
\"Sometimes a joke doesn\'t work when you say it out loud, or the wording is a problem.
Sometimes we just overload one.
Most things have to go through three or four drafts. \"3.
The ten o\'clock P. M. accessories for the historical segment start.
He must try on clothes aged 1930, 50, 60, 70 and 80.
Taking off his shirt, he mixed his confusion with fear to check his waist (\"I just eat s-
He admitted: \"t. .
The only clothes he doesn\'t worry about are kaftan. \"That fits.
If not, I would be in big trouble.
\"After several attempts to cram himself into overly tight pants, he doters something about ABC hiring short and anorexia patients. 3.
Rehearsal back at 28
Part of 1950 criticized Elvis Presley, and Berner pointed out that it might look stupid if published in Elvis Presley
The stylish jacket for the wardrobe Brett Wilson has been supplied.
Now the joke looks better than it looks, so Wilson was sent to look for a replacement. 3.
\"Am I alone,\" Cooper asked the man Steve Fawcett monologue Berner had just tried, \"or did the article not work much?
\"No,\" replied Berner . \"\"Bone it. \"4. 15pm Make-up.
Before about 1932 of the Berner wig accessories, the face is moisturized, irritated, poked and painted.
I said I would add a pencil. Beard (
\"I always wanted an Errol Flynn \")
But they don\'t have it.
After a lot of tape and needles, the wig is on the right.
\"I\'m sorry, I can\'t do better,\" Make said . \"
Clark Hildy.
Berner replied, \"it doesn\'t matter. you asked me to start first. \"5.
A 30 second clip is recorded at ten o\'clock P. M. and then a 60 second, 70 second, and 80 second clip is recorded.
From there it was running downhill through the rest.
Everything is ready. 6.
Dinner time 25
Berner packed a plate from the green room, then went back to his locker room and turned on the TV.
I asked him if he had any special pre-show routine.
\"That\'s it,\" he said, biting his drum stick.
\"Every week I go to see the first half of The Simpsons, and then they pick me up at 8 and 15. \"7.
They were 57 late.
The call came a few minutes before the Simpsons finished.
For the past hour, Berner has been indifferent, and when he sees his audience, he is immediately full of energy.
He stepped onto the small stage, pulled up his pants, paced the floor, then shook back and forth on the right foot heel, waiting for the red light to appear on the camera.
The opening monologue ended smoothly.
When confirming the shoot from the control room, he walked down the steps and said to the audience, \"Guys, this is the case for me --
Have a good evening.
The rest will be done with a computer drawing.
It takes about an hour to record.
When not needed, Berner stands near autocue, keeping the muscles relaxed through a series of performer movements.
Despite the actor\'s third or fourth performance, the difference with the audience is obvious.
Tight delivery;
Jokes seem more interesting. 9.
At five o\'clock P. M. Berner recorded the end of the show.
Warm and sincere applause.
\"It was a long day,\" said producer Jim Burnett . \".
\"Work is the best way to make a living,\" Berner said . \" He is going to find a beer.
After more than seven hours, his alarm clock rang.
BackBerner was shown at 9: 00 on Thursday.
30 p. m. at ABC.
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