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60w led lightbar for 2016-up toyota tacoma install guide

by:Marslite     2019-12-15
Warning: Make sure your Toyota Tacoma has a hood spoon to install.
This LED light strip is only available for the Hood spoon of Toyota Tacoma for 2016 and later versions.
The following steps will show you how to install the Hood spoon mounted on the 60w cree led light strip: remove the four screws of the yellow circle and remove the hood spoon from the hood.
Flip the released Hood spoon.
Remove four external screws and loosen the Hood spoon (76181)
From the black screen (76182).
Please refer to this chart to familiarize yourself with the parts you will be using.
Tighten the bolts as shown in the following figure.
You will mark the drilling position on 76182 using the protruding bolts.
Place the LED light strip on 76182 and mark the position of the bolt contact.
Drill holes in those places.
Bolt the nut through the mounting bracket and fix the LED light strip on 76182.
Screw back 76181.
Screw the Hood spoon back into your hood.
Connect the LED light strip using the attached relay harness with an on/off switch.
Once it lights up the way it should, you can now enjoy the LED light strip installed with your new Hood spoon!
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