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6 paid iphone apps on sale for free on december 26th

by:Marslite     2019-09-04
If you\'re busy with parties and can\'t check out our Christmas best paid iPhone and iPad app review for free for a limited amount of time, be sure to go back to that post and have a look, because there are still some apps that are free today.
Of course, we also have the latest review of the best app sales on Wednesday day, which you can find below.
Don\'t miss out: The most affordable sound bar for bose is still on sale at the lowest price. This article covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that are provided free of charge by developers for a limited time.
BGR is not part of any application developer.
There is no way to know how long they will be free.
These sales may start an hour from now or end a week from now on
Obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they are free when writing this article.
If you click on a link and see the price listed next to an app instead of the word \"get\", it is no longer free.
The sale is over.
In any case, Apple will charge you if you download the app.
Some apps may have extraapp purchases.
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Phocus: Portrait mode editing is usually $3. 99.
Phocus is a perfect photo editing app to create depth and portrait lighting effects on any iPhone.
The simple design, combined with the advanced human recognition technology we use in the background, will provide you with what you want.
Phocus is not just a portrait mode editor, it also has many unique photo editing tools that can be professionally applied in just a few seconds of effort.
Some of the perfect tools are portrait mode, portrait lighting, color splash and many other effects.
All you have to do is enjoy creating fast and amazing portraits using Phocus.
You can then save these photos to your iPhone or share them with friends and family!
Portrait mode all you need to do is add your photos from your phone gallery or use the built-in photo shoot --
In Phocus\'s camera, then, simply tap the wand of the automatic background blur process.
It will detect the person on the photo and separate it from the background.
You can then adjust the amount of blur on the photo or edit any area.
Phocus is very suitable for Foreground detection.
Using the portrait lighting function, you can take wonderful portrait photos like the studio work.
Portrait Lighting mode provides a very special light for the face while darkening the background.
At the same time, there are two options for this feature, you can try to use it quickly.
The stage lamp light takes you to the front desk in the color of your choice, lights in mono, and you get very cool black and white photos.
These tools provide you with professional studio functions, and do not need to spend time and energy choosing where to take photos.
Do you want to add more beauty to your photos?
So, the color splash is for you.
Use color splash to get cool photos of gray background.
Use the brush tool and zoom when you need to edit photos that focus on Portrait details.
You can also use the blur adjustment tool.
Create more professional photos using manual editing mode!
Portrait phocus: Portrait mode editorAll font: any font $0 is installed normally. 99.
* Now compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Keynote, iPhone/iPad pages * transfer any font from PC or Mac to iPhone or iPad via Wifi, install and use them throughout the iOS system in other applications (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Apple Keynote), Apple Pages compatible with the following applications, etc: 1.
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint 2.
Apple number, Keynote and page 3.
Pro 4 office suite.
Office hd and advanced presentation creator or document editing app. . . Create beautiful presentations or documents in the exact font of the iOS device itself you want.
Now you don\'t need a laptop or a PC to create beautiful presentations in cool fonts . . . . . . Just install the font with this app and then launch your presentation creator app like Microsoft Powerpoint small tutorial if needed. . . Transfer fonts from Wifi, features: 1. cloud drive or other applications.
Support for TrueTypeFont (. ttf )
And OpenTypeFont (. otf )font files. 2.
Transfer fonts from PC or Mac 3 via Wifi.
Import fonts from cloud drives such as: iCloud, Dropbox, Box.
Net or Google Drive (
Need to install Cloud Drive app on iOS device to import fonts)4.
Use the open feature to import fonts from other applications. 5.
Carry the font on your iOS device and download it back to another PC or Mac when needed. 6.
Preview the font before installing the font . . . . . . 7.
View the font name in the style of the font itself.
Note: it is not possible to change iOS system fonts with all fonts.
All font apps do not support the use of certain fonts for Asian or Cyrillic characters.
A collection of fonts like this.
Ttc is not supported so far and we are trying to get it done for you.
Download all fonts: install any fonts. 99.
Features:-single arrangement and hundreds of watermark images and videos.
-Text watermark-QR watermark-image watermark-a large number of supported fonts-beautiful text colors.
-Color transparency of text.
-Image and QR transparency.
-Dynamic font size.
-Rotate, zoom, and Pan with gestures.
Instructions for use:-First, select your photos and videos.
-Click add watermark.
-Edit and customize by clicking on the watermark.
-See what your watermark image looks like.
-Click the Save button to save all images to the library.
DownloadRay WatermarkStop is usually $0. 99.
Test your responsiveness in this fast paced arcade adventure!
Click the button to activate the laser and destroy the blurry ball, but be sure to get all the gems through.
Upgrade to unlock new treasure stones, enemies and power!
Very simple, all you have to do is stop blurring!
Post your high score on the global leaderboard and see your ranking.
Don\'t be afraid to brag and brag about your high scores on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr or wherever you decide!
I hope you enjoy playing, please consider leaving a comment or looking at my other games!
If you would like to contact me, my contact information is provided on the settings page of the game.
Month of DownloadStop FuzzFunnelNormally $. 99.
\"It\'s like having a radio station with a lot of content to keep you informed.
-Time features for Apple, time, product search, beautiful pixels, AppAdvice, etc.
Hourly news podcasts from BBC, NPR, WSJ, CBC, VOA, Fox 5 and more.
The funnel gives you a clear idea of what is happening in the world from various sources.
Just choose your favorite and listen from anywhere.
Control the source in the feed and set up auto play, auto start and reminder for the custom experience.
Download funnelvxcam-AR video text and emoji $1. 99.
Create the best app for video stories in augmented reality.
Only apps with dynamic image tracking on the app store can create holographic images and paste videos.
1 AR app when it comes to creating innovative and cool AR videos with ease-——————————————————————
Add AR text, emoji, and video in your surroundings.
When you\'re done, you can take photos and videos while walking around and telling stories.
View amazing features:-Share your video stories and photos with your friends on Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp and private text.
-Add AR text in various fonts and colors-add your own video in your surroundings-walk into your video and experience 3D-be able to create amazing holographic videos.
-Videos pasted to real word objects via image tracking.
-Increase or decrease the size of the object using intuitive pan gestures.
-Walk around objects, as they are in your world, and experience virtual reality-the ability to freely paint in augmented reality.
-App now uses machine learning to identify objects so you can paste the video onto real-world objects and also make amazing holographic photos.
-Use it for event management and guidance-use it for real estate and Open House-optimized for iPhone x for creating holographic images, selecting flat and high quality objects/images as base surfaces
Consider how your image/object appears under different lighting conditions.
If the image is printed on a smooth sheet of paper or displayed on the device screen, reflection on these surfaces may interfere with detection.
You can add any video from the library to create a holographic image and paste the video.
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