\'50,000 iraqi refugees\' forced into prostitution

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
It\'s Monday night in a dirty club on the outskirts of the Syrian capital.
Twenty girls are moving.
Dance to the fullest on the dance floor, and the flashing disco lights lit me up.
They\'re low in tight jeans.
Cut tops and knees
High boots, but girls do.
Up can\'t cover Up the fact that most people are among them. teens.
It is a strange sight in a conservative Muslim country, but it is the sex industry and it is booming due to the war in Iraq.
In the background, the manager sat in his leather chair to do business.
The offer for one of the girls is $500.
In the end, he dropped the price to $300.
Next door, in a dimly lit room, the girl from the next class came and took off her black clothes
Apply lipstick and mascara outside.
From the car parked outside, customers come from the Bay Area --
Many young Saudis are escaping a more conservative moral environment.
But Syrian friends who brought me here told me that 95 of these girls are Iraqi girls.
Most people don\'t want to talk, but Zahra tells me she\'s 16 and she\'s a charming girl with nudity and tattoos.
She has been working at the club since she fled from Baghdad to Syria after the war.
She said she didn\'t like it, \"but what can we do?
I hope things get better in Iraq because I missed it.
I want to go back, but I have to take care of my sister \".
Zahra pointed to a thin adolescent girl with long black hair and she seemed to dance happily.
Nadia, 13, started at the club two months ago.
When the girls dance tactically and rub their breasts against each other, they blink at the customer.
But these girls are not just acting.
They have already paid for coming here and they need to pick up a client or they will lose money.
If successful, their salary is about $60, which is equivalent to the one-month salary of the factory.
There are more than a million Iraqi refugees in Syria, many of whom are women whose husbands or fathers have been killed.
They are banned from working legally and they have no choice but sex deals.
No one knows how many people ended up being prostitutes, but Hana Ibrahim, founder of the women\'s will of the Iraqi women\'s group, set this figure at 50,000.
I met Fatima in an informal brothel in Saida Zainab.
Remote areas of Iraq\'s large population.
Because of the shrine of the Prophet Muhammad\'s granddaughter, millions of Shiites go there every year.
\"After my husband was killed, I came to Syria and left two children,\" Fatima told me . \".
\"My aunt asked me to be here with her, and my brothers forced me to go.
\"She did not realize the work that her aunt did and was not forced to accept it until she arrived.
Fatima is in the middle of her.
But activists say the number of children working as prostitutes in Iraq is high. Bassam al-
Qadi of the Syrian women\'s Observatory said: \"Some people have been sexually abused in Iraq, but others have been brought here for prostitution under the pretext of protecting them by their fathers and uncles.
They are virgins and they are brought here like an investment and exploited in a very ugly way.
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