5 things to look forward to for stampede\'s sneak-a-peek

by:Marslite     2019-10-17
Calgary Stampede this year for Sneak-a-Peek.
The stampede is lit for the first time and will be filled with lights, flames and dance.
This is special. night-
Due to the opening of the park in an hour, the only event on Thursday will last longeruntil 1 a. m.
There are five things to look forward to for this extravagant stampede --a-Peek.
The Calgary Stampede has a $32 special package this year.
If you want to ride, dance and party all night, this is the perfect package to immerse you in the mood of a stampede.
It includes park tickets and overnight wristbands, and you can enjoy all 21 midway rides before the park is closed.
What\'s a better way than to slow down a little bit on a giant wheel or wave head to enjoy the stunning views lit up by fire and sound in the middle.
Or, move fast and watch the lights and flames blur into one or spin out on the Polar Express.
If you are one of the first 10,000 people, you can buy a memorial T-
Remember this shirt. of-a-kind night.
Beakerhead 10 who doesn\'t like cannon shooting-
Thanks to Beakerhead, what will happen to a wandering hippo art car, with more lights in the middle of the year.
There will be interactive art exhibitions such as clumsy installations, basically hamster wheels on steroids, Tin Fish on Fire Island and Lily of fire.
You can also grab fire dancers walking in the Beakerhead area.
This will be the dream of every romantic.
Calgary\'s top DJs set up a huge stage in the Midway rides, and they will blast for a sneak showa-Peek.
The DJ lineup includes town DJ, DJ Heebz, dj c-
DJ of plant, dj phnm, Ronino, GOODBAR SoniDEF and DJ.
There will be speakers in the ignition part in the middle, and some rides will have sound systems that will play musicgoers.
The silent discussion has the option of listening to three different DJs and dancing at night thanks to coca\'s silent disco --Cola Stage. Disco-
Viewers who light up the pass will get headphones that allow you to switch between listening to three different DJs, while color led lights will let you know what your friends are listening.
For those who dance at night and the audience who watch the silent crowd, it will be an experience.
This dance group combines Bollywood, Bhangra and hip-
Jump for an exciting performance. During Sneak-a-
They will perform at the International Pavilion on the 6 th floor. m. to 8 p. m.
The talented team from Toronto performed for the NBA Raptors, whose show tells a story rooted in four elements --
Soil, wind, water, fire
Focus on the production and elaborate clothing.
If you can\'t catch the fusion of traditional and modern dance styles in Sneak-a-
They will perform before July 16. Sneak-a-
Peeking is only one night, starting at 5. m. until 1 a. m.
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