5 phrases that send me spinning

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
The room was dark and hazy. Pedals whir.
Under the weird blue light, bright eyeballs and shiny teeth sparkled.
Although I don\'t know anyone, I say hello to everyone with a smile.
I was wondering if I had gone through the glass on the wall and entered another world where the beat was heavy and the energy was fanatic. . .
Language is completely mysterious.
Unconsciously, I joined the rhythm of \"one or two\" and started the arduous and energetic climb of the hills I imagined.
It doesn\'t seem to make any sense to hear these words, and I was wondering if all of these activities would cause some sort of colloquial event.
Fortunately, my brain is smarter than me.
It refuses to acknowledge that it does not understand the mysterious instructions when we turn in the next quarter (um. . . what? )
It\'s already decoding the only mysterious phrase that makes sense now: give me a quarterly turn.
This does not mean your body, your head or any anatomy.
No matter what you do, please don\'t rotate a quarter clockwise
Clockwise or any wise.
In any case, this is not possible because there is hope that you will be riding a bike like crazy.
One or two.
\"Give me a quarter turn\" is the basis of the spin lesson.
This means reaching down and grabbing the red resistance knob and moving a quarter to the right to increase the resistance.
Hope the coach won\'t let you do it again.
This is hope in vain.
Resistance is increased every quarter until soon you push your bike to Everest.
This is the point. It\'s worth it. Tap backs.
Yes, that\'s what he said.
The sounds are elusive, confusing and exciting: I will click on your back if you click on mine? ! Or something.
I\'m leaving it there.
It\'s better not to explain some actions. Go to hover.
Now I\'m really in another world.
Marty McFly, hover board, this must be the easiest way to finish up the mountain. Almost. Not quite.
Is squeezing those abs (
More information later)
, Summon every ounce of power you may or may not have, and hover the hummingbird --
Style above your bike.
Don\'t Stop pedaling!
Your thigh, I promise. and abs)
I will thank you one day.
If they talk to you again! Singles.
I believe it\'s a cry.
All the single people in the room went out.
Invite them to do the awesome things. looking push-
Ups and tap back.
Since I am not one of them, I have ignored this part.
Pretend I didn\'t hear him say, \"Give me a chance for a quarter.
\"Squeeze those abs.
This is my favorite!
No matter how loud the music is, I will never understand. Because. . . how?
How do you squeeze your abs?
I don\'t think it means catching the kangaroo.
Just like the bag you\'ll always have after four pregnancies, give it a juicy squeeze with your hand.
It has to do with squeezing from the inside.
The problem with this instruction is that it assumes that your abs can be squeezed inside. I don\'t.
See the kangaroo bag mentioned earlier. So I can\'t.
This is too much resistance.
I like this class.
I like loud music, beats and beats.
Disco lights!
I like darkness.
Because the coach couldn\'t see I wouldn\'t give him a quarterly turn. Sneaky! )
I like the dynamic, motivated coach telling me I can do it, especially when I feel like I can\'t.
Almost every day.
I believe him when he tells me.
Then I did it.
Most importantly, I like these quirky phrases that only make sense in this world.
Because where else can you hear wonderful sounds like \"squeezing those abs!
\"This post turned out to be on red boots.
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