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4 horrifying realities of working at a haunted house

by:Marslite     2019-12-04
If you haven\'t been to the haunted house recently, you\'ll miss something really unexpected: They\'ll miss it at some point.
It\'s not the hanging plastic skeleton they put on for the kids and the \"jelly mold shaped like a brain \".
This is a strong form.
Contact the live theater to let customers pee their pants (
We mean: they have to clean up the urine on the floor. .
In order to gain insight into what we think must be a very strange job, we interviewed two experienced Splunk mansion performers, Lilian Sharo and Alexander Kraft, who told the stump, horror events that make these haunted houses a recognized Price: 4 customers have been beating and molesting performers when they are frightened, and it is normal for the human body to instinctively fight full force --or-
Flight mode, when you have to decide whether to hammer or not in an instant-
Punch in the perceived threat or run away screaming like a liar.
Therefore, for Haunted House employees, it is equally normal to end the working days they cover with Knuckles
Intercepted the bruises formed after too many frightened customers reacted to the \"battle\" of the face.
Actually what to do if/when a customer physically attacks you.
According to experience, \"punching in is basically a hidden danger in this field,\" said Lilian Sharo . \".
A performance partner is almost disabled in this regard.
\"The customer was frightened and threw him across the room ,[my co-worker]
Hit one of the statues and fell a little crumpled to the ground.
\"Yes, that\'s it ---
The uncontrolled horror anger gives you the power to do so.
Another performer we spoke to, Alexander Kraft, was a bit more relaxed.
In his work, the customer is handcuffed before venturing into his fear area for a better fear experience (scarea)
Because your arms are tied through the dark maze, it\'s really fun for any Halloween fan who wants to start over
Create an experience in haunted military prisons.
Still, he occasionally grabs his elbows from male customers to his chest, as his character\'s task is to touch guests obsessively, and nothing can trigger a fight for an aggressive straight manor-
Flight response (
And a bunch of homophobic people)
Faster than vaguely suggestive homosexuality.
Alex said: \"It seems strange that some people turn fear into sexual desire by instinct.
My behavior made a girl particularly trembling, moaning softly and then asking if she could touch me.
\"It sounds like a different type of entertainment, but unfortunately not every customer is good enough to get permission.
In Lilian\'s haunted house, for example, a guest thinks that a female performer is actually free --You-Can-
Groping for a buffet because it\'s dark. who knows?
Alex himself has a lot of customers trying to catch his Dick, the fastest way to be escorted out of the haunted house outside of a heart attack.
3 The actors are encouraged to let you play ** t in your pantesway mammals, and they also tend to let go of our intestines when we are afraid, which is obviously due to evolution
Yes, if you work in a haunted place, you will see it with your own eyes.
Among the haunted house performers, there is no better compliment than this. -
In fact, in the haunted house in San Antonio, there is a $200 bonus if someone can get a customer to wear their pants.
We\'re not kidding.
Basically, the staff will walk around the sights and make sure everything is OK, and if they find that Haunter\'s brown gold has an unmistakable fragrance, the performers in that section will receive a cash bonus.
However, Lily has only seen it a few times because it is (thankfully)
It\'s not easy to scare someone. on, social-contract-
Destroy s * t release.
However, it is not good to make customers angry themselves, because although friendship --
According to Lilian, it is not common to destroy the pants cake, and the customer of the haunted house is obviously, \"when a group of people go out of date, another of my actor friends hides under the table.
He climbed out, screamed at them, and soon saw a beautiful flow of urine flowing down the legs of the girl in the skirt.
\"So, the floor of the next spook house you\'re shaking through may be smooth, but it\'s not necessarily made of a ghost fog machine.
Your sneakers are likely to squeak with urine.
If this makes it sound like a haunted spot could be a disgusting place to work. . .
2 as we mentioned at the top, they are almost as terrible behind the scenes, modern haunted house is not using vampire makeup to say \"shhh\" from across the room \"---
Customers today will be slightly attacked, damn.
So, for example, in the dreaded industry, someone is called a \"slider\" and their specific job is to scare people by running out and going to their knees.
If all goes well, the customer will jump up and scream and write, \"five stars!
\"Later on the investigation card.
But from the performer\'s point of view ---
Run out and kneel over and over again. For six hours. Every day.
Even with pads, being a haunted house slider is more important than in the NBA.
This is just an example--
These are body shows where actors jump, cry and twist in the name of a convincing zombie/murderer/monster.
For example, if their hands hit the wall and their fingers broke, they would put some ice on it and continue to work, because fear businesses rarely provide health insurance.
In her work, Lillian makes up with alcohol
So dry her skin.
\"By the end of the season, my face looks like I\'m growing my own red pustule Mountain,\" she said . \".
As a reward, alcohol is occasionally sprayed out of your nostrils when you make up.
If you want to know what it feels like, ask a friend to bring you some wine and water plates.
Then are the shabby settings that these attractions usually hold.
The key to a good panic is to convince customers that they are going through a real haunted house. Less-
The well-known adventure achieved this effect through the method of \"stingy craftsman\", which is another way of saying that they fired their entire maintainer, let the buildings around them deteriorate like a carton, which six generations of mice have been using as a graveyard.
Alex is lucky to work in a professional organization with standards and regulations, but Lilian is not so lucky.
\"You heard a lot of weird voices inside?
She said: \"rat.
\"The Haunted House I work in is in a very old building, and the mouse has a big problem;
You can hear them scratching on the wall.
This is an incredibly weird sound with quite a bit of feces scattered all over the place.
\"There is also the fact that the attraction is in Texas, in an old building, and there is not much air conditioning ---
The temperature of the place where the actor works is as high as 112 degrees.
Actors must work six.
There\'s only one 15-hour shift in the oven.
Take a minute off and recover from the hell they live in.
\"It means that the costumes of the actors took a whole day to cultivate a sea of sweat and hatred, and in the old work of Lillian, in order to save money, the costumes were only washed every two weeks.
So, yes, at the end of a cycle, they may smell worse than the actual zombies.
So, what kind of people will sign up for this low
Seasonal agent work? Well . . .
\"Haunters\" take their work very seriously. It\'s easy to think that haunted houses are run entirely by some RV --
The life subculture of Carny mentally ill people is looking for a way to fund their meth addiction at the same time while meeting their need to wear sophisticated clothing to intimidate strangers.
But, as Alex explains, most people who work in these places take their work very seriously: \"We call ourselves a part of the Internet.
Some of us are Gore monsters, others are just dark, at least in our full background
Most of us are trained actors.
\"Alex\'s appeal actually has a PhD. D.
Employees specialize in researching and analyzing customer responses so that they can deliver services more frequently and efficientlyquality pants-
The future mess.
The job is not like a community theater for performers, it\'s more like professional wrestling: they wear weird costumes and sometimes wear them
For those who, while fake, still need a lot of hard work and operate in a changing environment, violent performances
The threat of physical injury is imminent. The pro-
The analogy of falling wrest hands becomes more appropriate because you think haunters usually give a lower weight to the subtleties and there are iron rules that never break the characters, even if the audience is doing it for them
Lily said, \"Are you hurt?
You have to be true before you can\'t see it.
She tells the story of an actor finding his contact lenses stuck to the eye.
Spent hours in the room with a fog machine and his eyes were dry)
At last, he opened his eyes and tried to take it off.
\"He bled from one eye to the other and continued to scare people
The doctor at the scene told him to go home for the night.
\"At the same time, she will see the actors on the day off to help build the set, repair the lights, repaint the walls, move the equipment, or just practice their fear movements when they get off work. Why?
See tourists completely out of their mind, scream at the top of their lungs, and run away in a crazy panic.
If your client responds like this, someone will be sued for most jobs.
Think about it: What is the audience\'s reaction to other forms of drama?
You may hear some laughter and tears while performing locally, but we bet you hardly see anyone wearing pants.
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