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On Tuesday, the children of Mark Twain Middle School Choir helped create a new tradition on Coney Island.
For the first time, the famous skydiving lights up in the colors of the festival.
Diana Curren, who lives only a few blocks from the landmark, takes her granddaughter to experience the view.
\"My hair is up! \" said Colon.
The lighting is arranged by the Alliance for Coney Island, which is a No. for-
Committed to revitalizing profits in the region.
Alexandra Silver Smith, its executive director, said the landmark was a key part of Coney Island\'s identity.
\"We call it the Eiffel Tower in Brooklyn, and now it\'s as bright as the Eiffel Tower,\" Silversmith said . \".
But the landmark was not born in Brooklyn.
It was actually built for 1939 New York World Expo.
170-ton, 250-foot-
The tall structure is a journey of work.
\"People used to dive from planes like they did from planes,\" Silversmith said . \".
The car was eventually transferred to Steeplechase Park in 1941, attracting half of the visitorsa-
Millions of passengers travel to Coney Island every year.
However, in 1964 it stopped operating when the park was permanently closed.
New York saw it as a city landmark in 1989.
But until decades later, when-
Autonomous city President Marty Markowitz ordered 8,000 lights to be installed on the building at a cost of $2 million.
\"It\'s really bright, it\'s on all night.
Like, you can see it during the day and at night, \"said Lishen chassitiakov, who attended the lighting ceremony.
Three years ago, on New Year\'s Eve, the game began to shine, comparable to the fall of the ball in Times Square.
Now the show is a little earlier.
On Christmas Eve and Christmas, jumping will not only be lit;
New patterns will be displayed on the days before the festival of light and New Year\'s Eve.
For the residents of Coney Island, this is a tradition that many people are happy to experience.
\"It definitely makes me refreshed and happy for the holidays,\" said Sophia Borello, who attended the lighting ceremony . \".
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