13 fun things to do in curaçao right now

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Conveniently located just outside the hurricane belt, 50 miles east of busy Aruba, laid-
The island of curaço boasts vibrant architecture and history, multicultural neighborhoods, white sand beaches and rainbow-colored turquoise Caribbean waters.
The island is known for its capital, William Stade, for its candy-
The beautiful bay is lined with colorful Dutch colonial architecture.
On 2017, the city celebrated the 20th anniversary of being included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.
But you don\'t need to wait until the official date of December 4 to celebrate.
The island is full of festive atmosphere and there is a lot to do and see in willonstad and other places.
Here are 13 of the most interesting things to do: 1.
Enjoy a culture
It is usually described as mini capital
But the capital of the island has its own euro. Caribbean Boxing
The four colonial areas offer a unique experience: the cobblestone alleys of Punda beg, lined with designer shops, art galleries, museums and open-air restaurants.
Opposite the floating Queen Emma Bridge, the pastel color of Otrobanda --
Colorful Buildings, discount shops, Creole restaurants and dimly lit bars along the street, with Latin music echoing the streets.
In 2017, willonstad will mark its 20th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Louis Costa/AFP/Getty Images\'s stylish lounge scene developed after dark while Scharloo\'s 19th
Century Tower and street art attract many creative types.
In December 4, willonstad officially became a world heritage city.
But we are celebrating the whole year, \"said Marcel Danat, general manager of Stichting monumentorg, the Curaçao Monument Foundation.
The organization will host the third annual meeting of the Association for the trust and protection of Caribbean States in Willenstad from November 16-19, 2017, with speakers from the Caribbean region, including Cuba.
\"There\'s a lot of excitement.
\"We are considered the big brother of monument protection,\" said Danat . \".
This is the perfect opportunity to register and enjoy an expertled, English-
A architectural tour of the charming colonial quarter of willonstad. Year-
Du Shi stroll coolaço Island features a walking tour of otterobanda and Shalu.
Now there are 8 interesting things to do in Nevis.
Visit the oldest synagogue in the United States at the bistro-
Mickey Street, Israel-
Emanuel Synagogue-
Part designated by UNESCO-
It is the oldest continuously running synagogue in America and has been in use since 1732.
This pastel-colored yellow building has a history of nearly 300 and is impressive with its classicism design, but also has a unique sandy layer.
This feature is to some extent a reminder of the ancestors of the secret Jews who lived in Spain and Portugal during the time of the religious referee.
Before they finally fled to Amsterdam and other countries, they were forced to block the sound of worship and later settled on the island of curaço.
Today, Snova--
Abbreviation of Esnoga, or synagogue in ancient Portuguese--
For 145 families who maintain this tradition.
Entrance includes two adjacent visits-
The Story Museum of Jewish culture and history collects cultural relics, photos and stories from the Jewish community of curaço Island. 3.
To the wild, the natural landscape is undeveloped, and the rugged northeast is the place where culaçao really breathes, with two adjacent conservation parks.
Christoffel National Park offers multiple trails designed for hiking or exploring from comfortable vehicles.
Sunrise hunting allows hikers to skip the hot weather while discovering the island\'s flora and fauna ---
Including endangered white people.
Deer and local barn owl.
The fearless handled the island\'s highest peak earlier in the day--
The Christoffel Hill tower over the island of curaço is 1,239 feet metres long.
Right next door, hitboka National Park stretches 10 kilometers along the island\'s steepest coastline, with a large turtle on the island\'s deserted beach --nesting site.
Obvious traces along the steep limestone cliffs led to a series of observation decks right above the seven entrances, with the sea hitting the rocks violently.
The Poka pistol is the most impressive entrance with waves up to 40 feet high.
The most beautiful island hotel in the world
In most parts of the Caribbean, the variety of food on the island of curaço reflects its history and heritage, from Creole to the Netherlands and Indonesia.
The official dish is keshi yena. -
Cheese with spiced meat (often chicken)
Olives, sauerkraut, onions and prunes are all perfectly baked.
There is a delicious version on the menu of Gouverneur de Rouville, set in the second-
Story colonial architecture of Otrobanda with panoramic views of the Willenstad waterfront.
A popular drink is Ava di ramunch, a sweet lime juice freshly squeezed. 5.
The curaçans are big on their truki pan ---
In the local Papiamentu language, it is literally translated as \"bread truck \".
\"The most popular food trucks have emerged after 9 in the calacacambe area near Willenstad. m.
Slapping with flashing disco lights and harsh music while taking out the fully seasoned barbecue ---
From ribs to sandwiches.
Night owls flock between parties or after the party.
The elite BBQ is a favorite of steak, while Express is a legend of spareribs.
Fruit smoothies and dessert trucks are everywhere and open during the day--
Dushi Wafels in Punda block of Willemstad offers traditional Dutch cuisine such as Ollie Borun and strophover, and battidos vans offers refreshing fresh fruit shakes. 6.
See the African Heritage Library at the kuraranda Museum, which has the most comprehensive collection of African artifacts in the Caribbean.
It\'s also a detailed display across
The Atlantic slave trade, explains the role of curaço Island as a Dutch entrepreneur to sell and transport slaves of Africans to the rest of the Caribbean and the main locations of the United States.
Museum Guide Yflen Florentina share hair in the Middle Passage building
In addition to brand tools, cages and iron collars, stories about ways to capture and punish are presented.
The steep wooden staircase leads to a dimly lit basement built in the exact size and shape of the hull, equipped with handcuffs, giving an uneasy glimpse of the delivery of enslaved Africans. 7.
Swimming along the charming coastline of Westpunt is a favorite weekend resort for locals, and West Point on the island is a prominent place full of crystal beaches
The Caribbean is clear. An hour-and-a-
Half a drive from Willemstad, a winding coastal road lined with giant cactus leads to a cliff sea view towering over a fine white sand beach.
Snorkeling and diving on a cliff or beach is an easy task.
There are many coral and tropical fish, and the visibility is almost always perfect.
While many beaches have few entrance fees, Kenepa, by far the most beautiful beach, is a public area that welcomes the cooler.
Snack vendors lined up at the entrance--
A great excuse to taste local pasta, a crispy pastry filled with seasoned meat.
20 am azing cliff edge Beach 8.
Participate once a week in Punda VibesOnce on Thursday, and Willemstad is active with Punda Vibes on Thursday. From 6 p. m. to 10 p. m.
During the day, the most visited colonial area of the city turned into a large outdoor cultural festival and night market.
Traditional folk dancers present the curaean waltz in the main square in bomida, located in gorizplin, outdoor stalls for the sale of handmade crafts and jewelry, and various local artists in Bonda-
From the band to the Latin and jazz bands.
The restaurant and bar have joined the Punda Vibes food and happy hour special, and the electric party is in St. Anna Bay. 9.
Watch the cliff jump-
Or jump yourself from 40-
Playa Forti\'s foot clifftop is a list of the island of curaço, not just for tourists.
Facing a vast blue sea a few miles north of Playa Kenepa, this bluff boasts one of the island\'s most beautiful coastline views, attracting locals and tourists who bravely jump on weekends.
The fear of heights can go to the Blue View restaurant located on the cliff opposite the cliff, enjoy the blue curaço island cocktail, and show it free of charge within a safe distance.
Popular in the Caribbean Sea--
7 islands for your next holiday.
Look at some street art life
Large murals around the willonstad colony turned the city into an outdoor gallery.
Some of the most decorated feet-
In the square where Punda is trafficked while others need to be closedthe-
Explore the alleys of otterobanda.
This ever-evolving street art movement is also helping revive the most neglected region in willonstad.
Thanks to Street Art Skalo--
A project launched in September 2016 by three dynamic entrepreneurs-
Works of art by famous curahoan and international artists now go along the entrance of the area, along bitterstrat and Parque Leyba, decorated with the walls of Scharloo.
Near Scharloo in Willemstad, a colorful mural covers a building.
As a result, Lebawit Lily GirmaNew\'s businesses have entered the region, turning Scharloo into the next creative hub for Willemstad.
\"We have the permission of monumentorg org to do more than 40 more walls and spaces,\" said Nicole van bisecom.
The founder of Street Art Skalo, who gained the famous creative power of business innovation (BIC)
Awards from EU overseas countries and regions in June 2017 (OCTA)
Innovation program for sustainable island growth. 11.
It is an easy thing to buy Curaçao arts and crafts to find authentic arts and crafts in willonstad, although the city is a cruise port.
The art factory in Serena is in stock at winstras Lane
Painted wonder doll-
A folk representative of a sister or a smart friend ---
Each piece produced by a local women\'s group.
Groups and individual workshops are also provided to produce their own work.
Around the corner, silvanyros\'s new co-op is full of well-planned 100% handmade-in-
From paintings to wallets and carved household items, the collection of art and crafts from curaço Island. 12.
If the mainland is not yet full of incredible beaches, visit with the blue lizardsAs on an offshore island, and the southeast coastline is another escape: The Island of Klein curaço or\" An hour-and-a-
Half, the bumpy boat is on the sea, and the small coral island is not full-
Time residents in addition to the sea Sapphire whip tail lizard crawling and foraging in the shade of the tree and the crab.
Two miles of white sand seems to melt in the rainbow-colored water filled with tropical fish.
On land, people who can shake up from the beach and ocean can hike to the abandoned places on the 19th.
At the southern end of the century lighthouse, several crashed ships also rested on the shore. 13.
At bredeenstrat, Otrobanda\'s lively shopping street, Netto Bar has been making, bottling and providing photos of rom berde (green rum)since 1954.
One of the oldest water caves on the island, opens every morning at 8: 00. m.
The cozy Willemstad bar is packed with locals and tourists in the afternoon.
The famous people and members of the Dutch royal family are posted on the wall.
Green rum from Netto--
The sweet part, the bitter part, reminds people of the remedy of cold-
It is very popular, but there are also green rum cocktails.
As for the composition of rom berde, all you know is that they include the dried skin of fennel and local Lahara orange, which is also used to make the blue kuraso Island.
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