10 facts about the o2 to mark its first decade

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
The O2 is ten.
In a way: The building itself was completed 18 years ago, costing £ 0. 789 billion and opened in January 1, 2000 (
Survived the millennium Bug
Millennium Dome.
It had a difficult journey in the media and the public was not friendly.
It closed down a year later-as planned-but the report showed a monthly maintenance cost of £ 1 million, the place was empty and Greenwich landmarks began to look like one of the biggest architectural disasters since the Crystal Palace burned down.
There are commendable moments-the most obvious crisis is to use the building as a home for homeless people during Christmas 2003-but things didn\'t really start to develop until the current agreement with O2 was signed.
London\'s largest gray tent, June 24, 2007
As O2 is open, success will follow.
The name \"Dome\" has almost disappeared-talking about the triumph of advertising-and in the first decade the space has hosted hundreds of bands and artists.
It is not surprising that they have been celebrating a series of performances such as Celine Dion and Ed Sheeran due to good health.
All in all, this is a fairly brilliant 10 years.
Here are some of the highlights of your next visit to the bar-or just on the way to the show and talk.
The second most popular rock singer in New Jersey, when they agree to open the place, must be alive in prayer-will anyone really trek to this place in town?
What is the sound learning?
Is there a decent restaurant nearby?
Fortunately, it all worked, and they returned to 2010 to become the first band to play on the roof of the arena.
Despite the first public performance by Jovi, the night before was a private performance starring Peter Kay, Tom Jones, chief Kaiser and Basement Jaxx.
Today, Geri Halliwell said she was sorry to separate the Spice Girls so who knows if there is another party on the card?
Back in 2007, when the O2 date of their reunion trip sold out in 38 seconds, they definitely did a big deal.
The O2 capacity is generally considered to be 20,000, but this number fluctuates according to the performance: the stage, lighting fixtures and special effects selected by the band can save space for the audience.
Still, Muse managed to take things off on the drone world tour, wrapping up more than 21,000 things at an exhibition in April.
I bet it\'s not so depressing to go home by subway after that.
Gazza and the kids may be famous for \"I Want You Back\" and I hope you will come back forever \"but it looks like O2 has been asking, because the band has played 29 times in the arena, more than anyone else. They\'ve single-
Handedly sold 385,000 ticketsNever Forget.
On August 2007, His Majesty the purple Pope ran 21 consecutive nights at O2, which seemed bold for someone who had left the leaderboard for more than a decade.
But, proving to the world that the UK still has the taste, these shows are popular programs for monsters, all sold out, and most of them are well received.
Michael Jackson announced the 50 full performances of his comeback, but unfortunately died before the show began. . . .
It is necessary to prove
Visit any serious musician.
Rod Stewart, Noel Gallagher, Rihanna, Jay Z, Chris Martin, Blossoms and Timbaland all shot their own shows in the humble underground.
After all, it is cheaper than a taxi.
We are still keeping a close eye on a celebrity commuting to Emirates Airlines.
It\'s not just Justin Bieber who shows up with a guitar and says, \"a lot of you, the crew, go home;
I\'m going to listen to the stereo tonight.
\"Considering that the dome is destined to be an empty monument to Post-90 s excesses, it looks like a very successful shift.
In 2015, O2 was named the world\'s most visited place for the eighth consecutive year, serving 600,000 pint beer.
Well, cheer for that, cheer for another decade.
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