world’s religious leaders admit they just love getting to wear frilly little gowns and having a blast

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
When it comes to the fact that they slip in gold-plated robes and relax with devotees from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, world leaders, they are very satisfied, and on Friday, all the other major religions recognize, they just like to wear a small dress with folds and enjoy an explosion.
\"Yeah, what can I say?
We just love to wear cool clothes, light candles and sing with the crowd.
That\'s great, \"said Orthodox Elder Maikls Balodis, claiming that the best thing every Imam and priest in the world likes is to jump on the stage, dressed in jewelry and gorgeous big hats, a fun show for the worshippers
\"People give you a lot of money and you can drink from the madness --
Gold chalk ass.
The dresses have cool designs and beautiful chains and necklaces.
Everyone applauded you.
We just go out and enjoy the time in our lives.
Balodis added that the make-up and party was very interesting and although his work was not really spiritually satisfied, he attended the celebration.
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