woodstock had some of the most legendary performances in history. but many attendees never heard a single note

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Woodstock\'s music lineup is unbeatable: Jimmy Hendricks, who, Janis Joplin, Sly & Family Stone, and more of them appear in Max in Bethel, New York, August 1969, 50 years ago
Many performances held there are now considered legendary, in part because of the Oscar-
The award-winning documentary was released in the second year, titled simple Woodstock.
But many of the people who attended the festival couldn\'t hear the music that brought them there at first.
Although the organizers initially expected 50,000 participants, nearly 400,000 arrived.
The venue where the audience gathered to listen to music was too small to accommodate such a large crowd at once --
So many people just stayed in the vast camp and found other sources of entertainment.
The film festival\'s sound system was built by Bill Hanley, who was then considered a master and created a sound system for the Rolling Stones and The Beatles.
For the concert, he was at 27-
Very high tower.
But when technology is cut
At the time, it did not mean spreading music to such a large and scattered crowd spread across 600 acres of open farmland.
In the New York Times that weekend, Barnard Collier wrote, \"the music that most fashionable, wobbly young people hear on stage is just a rumble in the distance.
It is impossible for them to know who is performing, and about half of them can hear the notes.
In an interview with Woodstock of Joel Makower: Woodstock\'s stage light and technical director, Chip Monck\'s oral history, said Hanley was \"almost the only contractor available at the time \"--
His sound system is \"a very small, beautiful, lovely little system that no one will use to collect such a loud sound.
In another article in The Times, six young attendees were interviewed about the festival, one of whom was named Judy, who said, \"I have never been to a concert.
I have never heard any music.
When asked if she regretted going, she said, \"Oh, sure not.
\"So what are thousands of people doing if they don\'t listen to the headlines?
Drug use is an important part of the festival, with many people living in tents in the woods and taking psychedelic drugs in droves.
For attendees with their own talent, another stage is characterized by walking
Performances by juggling actors, poets and speakers.
Teenagers spend some time in the jungle gym while others are instructed in yoga practice.
More people were forced to spend time in a makeshift hospital where a team of overworked doctors treated nearly 2,500 wounds.
Perhaps the most open and controversial
The music event in Woodstock was a nude swim in one of the three lakes at the festival scene.
The Voice reports, \"in a way, nudity seems more natural and necessary than fashion, because everyone is constantly getting wet in the rain.
By Sunday, however, swimmers became bolder, basking in the sun on towels and stroking each other as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
\"But because of the challenging circumstances of the film festival, it\'s hard to hear even those who try to get close to the stage.
Maggie Locke was 19 when a friend invited her to Woodstock.
She told Times that although she was close to the stage, she missed most of the music because rain and thunderstorms made life miserable.
\"It\'s so depressing as far as the body is concerned,\" she said . \".
\"Along the way, it was a bit tilted and everything slipped down when it was raining and muddy.
It\'s just getting compressed and intense.
\"Locke sits under the scaffolding that supports the Speaker.
\"People who do too many drugs climb up the top of the scaffold and threaten to jump and spit on people,\" she said . \".
\"This is the real distraction of the music itself.
Woodstock is undoubtedly one of the most coveted cultural experiences of the 20 th century.
But for those who blame themselves for not traveling
Or who\'s not born in time, even with such regrets-
It turned out that YouTube provided a better listening experience in 2019 than many concert audiences who actually visited there in 1969.
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