woman pushes husband over balcony at derren brown show

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
Magician Darren Brown talks about a \"terrible\" moment when a man fell off the theater balcony in London\'s infamous performance.
Brown\'s fantasies often cause shock, surprise or annoyance to the audience, but it must be the first time to enter the booth.
The incident took place on Saturday at the Royal Palace theater in west London, where an audience at the top jokingly pushed her husband.
The man was hung from a balcony, about 45 feet, and Brown explained on Twitter how the accident happened.
\"Tonight, it\'s a joke that a woman pushes her husband from the balcony,\" he wrote . \".
\"He fell down and caught the circle above on the way down and hung it on it.
He\'s fine, but the last episode.
It\'s terrible to send the best ideas to him and his wife.
According to The Sun, the man fell 15 feet before trying to catch the lighting. Theatre-
Gore Rob Milwood told the newspaper: \"He grabbed the bar with one arm.
Three or four men ran down the steps and pulled him back.
\"A few inches away from the side, nothing can break the fall.
\"The Palace Theatre warns guests not to sit at the highest level if they are afraid of heights or are inconvenienced.
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